tool bags



i was wondering has does anyone now of a toolbag that you can lock up so people dont run off with my tools
yup, i have a lil backpack that holds a decent toolkit and spare chain & such. once it became habit, it's no hassle at all.

For 50 cents I got a collapsable umbrella with case at Goodwill, threw away the umbrella.


It fits in that slot behind the handlebars, held with two small bungies.

I just carry an adjustable wrench, a 10/11 mm box, needlenose pliers, one of those 6 in 1 screwdrivers, and allens assortment. You can cram a lot more tools in there if you like.

You don't carry the weight, and the whole assortment cost a few bucks.
You may be able to find some cool old box at the armynavy surplus store. Some folks mount old ammo cans to their mopeds, they look pretty cool and are lockable and weather resistant.
I've never understood the concept of locking bags. Even the heaviest nylon bag can be slit with any knife.

If weight is a concern, look for OtterBox or Pelican Case. They are heavy duty plastic and have loops for a padlock. You could probably open one with an 8lb hammer but are tough enough to withstand any other small tools. They come in all kinds of sizes. Lots of motorcycle touring people use the larger ones for luggage because they don't break in a crash and are lockable; weatherproof too.
There are some under seat bags that have a clip that attaches to the seat rails and you can just snap it off and take it with you. Where do people mess with your bike? It must be at a school or something. Most places I wouldn't think it would be a problem.
its highschool and all of the freshman are emo weirdos who constantly destroy everthing in the school given the chance