(If there is another thread like this out there, you can just point me to it. Couldn't find one. So if not .. :p)

- What are the must-have tools for working on these bikes?

- Whatdya' keep in your toolkit and take with you on rides?

- What "extras" do you live by? Maybe not necessities, but tools that definitely make life easier.

Making sure I've rounded everything (or most of the things) up that I'm going to need.
I have mine wrapped up in an old leather jacket sleeve, then bound with rope to the frame right under the gas tank.

I have a plug wrench with a plug taped inside, a pair of locking pliers (visegrips), one each of phillips and flat blade screw drivers and a 10mm wrench.

Some would add an extra master link for the chain and a tire repair kit, but I'll press my luck by saying I don't have much problem with flats.
taking stuff with ya

spark plug&wrench,50ccs of 2 stroke,if ya keep maintenance up and chain straight and lubed,shouldnt need much more.if i go off roading thats what i take .i ran outta gas once exploring and found a farm house with gas,even got a beer because of the bicycle.if i go on a road trip then its alot different. handlebar bags are cheap and easy....
nashe said:
- Whatdya' keep in your toolkit and take with you on rides?

- What "extras" do you live by? Maybe not necessities, but tools that definitely make life easier.

Most of my bikes are old american w/ metric motors, so I have a bar/fork bag that I keep my tools in. I don't usually ( but sometimes I do) have all of this at the same time in my kit but most of it is in there at any given time.
I keep a set of small 1/4"- 5/8" sae, and 8-15 metric combo wrenches;
a small and medium sized crescent wrench, small vise grips, changeable head screwdriver with tips, and a couple of sockets, hokey cheapo switchblade, electrical tape, duct tape, and JB weld; master link, small needlenose pliers, and some various nuts, bolts, screws, and washers. Oh and a shop rag. Sometimes a piece of a hacksaw blade sometimes not.
It sounds like a lot, but it's all pretty small and the bag is a good size, so when organized or packed compact, it all fits well. Yeah it adds some weight, but hey I like to be prepared for anything. The bag is easily removed for transfer to another bike.

As for the extra, the JB weld and duct tape, and the little stuff like the spare nuts and bolts, master link, etc.
How can it be more important to carry a spare spark plug than a tire patch kit? Do you guys experience spark plug failure that often? I carry a bike multi-tool, T25 socket, short length of bailing wire for chain repairs and a TIRE PATCH KIT... if I was going long distance I might consider a spare drive belt, plug and 5/8 wrench. Same stuff I carry on my pedal bike except I switch theT25 for a Hypercracker and 2 spare spokes.

*In a week or so when I get the cassette driven rear wheel I'll add the spokes and hypercracker to my motorbike kit.
Speedy- I'll explain my situ here at least.

These (dax/kings/simpson) engines use an extremely cheap/bad spark plug. Prone to self destruction at any moment. I put my spare Autolite plug in my tool kit expecting the worst, but being that I am soooo thrifty, I wanted to run the Chinese plug until it gave it up......well, almost 200 miles and it's still ticking.

As for flats....well, read the original post. I haven't had a flat on the road since, uh, well, neva!

Now this bike (Western Flyer) is not going to be my keeper, but I probably will include a patch kit in the tool bag of the next one. And that should be done today!
uh, yeah forgot to list that one, I carry a small tire patch kit as well.