"tools & equipment" forum?

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  1. augidog

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    hehe...hard to believe i'd be asking to expand the directory.

    but my latest shopping spree got me thinking...i was wishing there was a place in "the garage" or "the straight scoop" to post my topics.

    "Shop Talk-Tools & Equipment" ?

    either way...a big "thank you" to the MBc admin & staff!
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  2. Tom

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    Thanks Augie!

    So this would be some sort of forum in the Garage I am guessing? Or maybe the straight scoop?
  3. augidog

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    thinking on that a bit, i do believe it would be best in "the straight scoop" because, while there may be usage and maintenance talk, mostly it'll be about what and where to buy...

    thanks boss :cool2:
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  4. Tom

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    So the title should be "Shop Talk-Tools & Equipment"?

    and what should the description be? (You are always good at writing those)
  5. BoltsMissing

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    I Don't know what they sell in USA, but tools I been buying lately are not made to last unless you pay through the nose.
    Tap and Die set for example, a set cost 40.00, needed to use the 6ml, ofcourse, and it bends on a HT alloy ! ?
    So bought 1 6ml Tap to finish the job,cost $7.50, it worked, but a whole set would cost over 500 it ya buy individually.

    Spanners for bikes, the thin ones, make my own, get a old spanner and grind it thin.
    Chain breaker, cheap one for 10.00, breaks, Motor bike place sells them for 70.00
    Make my own with a angle grinder and shape it, drill a hole, tap, use the old screw bit and way ya go.
    The list goes on, tools ain't what they use to be.

    Finally, my old DAWN vice, bought in 1963, still going strong.
    Bought another month ago or so, $30.00, made where ?
    it bends !, a vice that bends ???
    HELLO !

    Soon there will be skilled dudes like us but crippled cos the retail
    tool trade is having a feast.
  6. graucho

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    Good idea Augi. I like "Shop Talk-Tools & Equipment" I'd go there often.
  7. cooltoy

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    "A vice that bends"
    I had a good laugh with that one
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  9. Mountainman

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    yes -- this could be a thread of much use

    I am looking right now for a truing stand
    don't need the delux model -- just something simple

    ride the motor bike
  10. Tom

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  11. Youngbird

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    I had just placed an order for a MIG welder from harbor freight. Yup....then I started seeing negative postings about them. Well....it arrived a few days ago and Ive just unpacked it. I was full of angst but I plugged it in and lo and behold the wire fed well. Next I struck an arc and again....it layed a fine bead. Wow....guess Im one of the lucky few to get a good one. OK....gotta go stick some metal together.:grin5: