Top 10 Bicycle Gas Motors

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    :cool:Well ------- I'm and old hippie from California. Just at the song goes. If you have never heard it, then leave a message with your email address and I'll email you both versions.

    What I want is a list of the top five gas powered bicycle engines two or four stroke.

    You can put your two bits in about the frame also. However, I would prefer to put the motor on a moutain style bike or a semi mountain bike (sort of a city/mtn hybrid).

    At this stage in life on this planet, whatever price you spend is gonig to pay for itself considering the price of gas. Even the schwin campus electic assessted bike costing about $2,000 would pay for itself in about two years.

    It seems though that a gas engine is the better alternative so far.


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    i rode a mb/subaru 33 for 2yrs, then donated and mounted it on a trike for a kid with ms, hes driven it for a year all with no worries, gebe kit. now i bought a land rider auto shift and will try homda 35cc gebe, expecting the same performance. 66yr old hippy. ride on
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    Top five in lust? That would be like Motor trend's dream car collection?

    Or top in sales? That would be the ford f150, soon to be eclipsed by the toyota camry.

    If one just read this site it would seem like 60-70% of the entire fleet is made up of the chinese 2-strokes. However the post volume could be due to their finicky nature and constant attention needs. Be like a mechanic assuming yugos were everywhere because they were always in his shop.
  4. This is like if your a Chevy Fan then it's 283,302,327,350,400
    If your a dodge fan it's 318,426 Hemi,383,440,409
    And if your a Ford fan it's 289,302,351M,400,351C ect. ect.

    So as far as bike engines go?
    The Happy Time has to be #1 on the list.
    It's the most bought bike engine out of anything else.
    I mean most of us started with one.
    It's the model T of bike engines....sorta.

    OH,whatever you decide on I assure you with the exception of the Happy Time because it's been grenaded by ^%&*$ and it had some starting issues with some members overall most of the kits that's been upgraded from the Happy Time has been overall been a good product.
    Heck. I think the Happy Time (2 stroke chinese frame mount) is a good engine as long as you take care of it,like with all engines.

    So read up on the stuff. Overall,most of the kits have had favorable reviews.
    Read up on the kits,look at the prices then make a preference.
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    Full suspension. Front and back. Preferably with a least one disk brake. I was at wally mart today and their latest flavor of that was $139. As a pedal only bike they are oxen heavy to the bike-ophile. To the motor bicycle enlightened that attribute reverses itself into an asset. Once you get into motor that extra weight you don't care about. The full suspension and at least one disk brake is the place to start.

    One other tip: avoid friction drive motor bike systems. The name is as it implies: a long road of friction.

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    Asking for the top five is a good concept. However, as with many concepts, there is a flaw. To have a top 5. I would have to have owned 5. This would imply that some had worn out, or were totally unsuitable, or that I need a different bike for each day of the week. If you are looking for a suggestion for a long term, reliable ride, I would suggest Gebe or Staton and any of the engines they sell. The Titan from Dax looks like it may also be reliable (and possibly a little stronger than the ones from Gebe).
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    Friction Drive, when set up & operated correctly, is a great system.
    (unless the roads are wet!:lol:.....but Demension Edge has a wet weather roller)

    try this link to lots of info.....

    Welcome to MBc.
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    A rear suspension seriously complicates hookup of a frame-mount motor, but not a rack-mount.

    Your question will quickly evolve into "what's top for my price point, bike, and tinkering ability?"
  9. Whizzer needs to be up there. Just by the way they sound alone.
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    No offense but my experience tells a different tale. Not to say it was **** the whole 3 yrs. Not counting the at least bi-weekly adjustments, I think it went 2 months once without an issue cropping up. And mine was set up as good as that system can be short of re-engineering it.

    The stone wet road drive roller works better in theory than application. If it is not spinning on, not with, the PTO it's eating tire at 4 times the normal rate of the wood drive wheel. Or both. And I pedal plenty hard with the motor always. A keyed PTO shaft would help that system a long way.

    And there is only one tire out there that will give you decent miles before it gets worn to the threads. And it was unavailable in the western hemisphere for 6 months last year. So I was going thru other tires of the closest design I could find like toilet paper.

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    Ahh... the 440 Six Pack happytime... 0-300mph in 2 seconds :grin:

    Personally I have to favour the GEBE/Stantons and anything using a commercial engine for their fit and forget factor...

    I am tempted for a 4-stroke or 2 stroke framer just because of the look though and the way you can use the bikes prefitted transmission...

    just my $0.02

    Jemma xx
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    better late than never

    "They say that if you play a Microsoft CD backwards, it plays Satanic music. That's nothing. If you play it forward it installs Windows!"

    Aaye..yeah./..thanks for that luv.:oops: That bit 10 years earlier might have saved me some.:(


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    Personally, on my next bike, I'm just gonna buy the Wal-Mart special
    and put a 4 stroke rack mount on it.

    Set it and forget it! (Those RonCo commercials get burnt into your brain)
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    I am not trying to start an arguement,,,, but friction drive has been on the market for many, many, years,, & is still available worldwide. Maybe , with your case,, you did have problems, but 1000's of others,, including myself have not. My tire will be replaced because of dry-rot [ it is 4-5 tears old ] before it is worn out. There is NO such thing as they perfect problem-free drive system.