Top 5 amazing ebikes you never knew existed!

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    I actually just "reserved" my very own Sondors e-bike, which supposedly had a lotta drama about overpromising and underdelivering on

    The guy who founded this e-bike project has a semi-shady backstory (nothing that's a dealbreaker for me, however... supposedly he made a ton of toys for McDonalds :thinking:), but he got enough backers to give him over $6 million!!

    Anyway.... he started delivering the bikes and they were what the reasonal and practical minded people thought they would be. Like one site stated, "You can get an eBike for cheaper than an iPhone!"

    Things I like about the Sondors:

    - Current price (they're doing a second round of crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the same price it was on indiegogo, as of right now... with a couple upgradable options)
    - Fat bike (original came with 4.9" tires, new one comes with 4" tires... which I picked 4" for greater speed/range)
    - Steel frame! (original was steel only, but they have aluminum upgrade option for $100 now. Steel frame is 6 lbs heavier, but is easier to modify one if need be (i.e. - weld), and it's obviously much stronger)
    - Thumb throttle and solid mounted grips (Thumb throttle is a sign to me that this guy has good taste)
    - Single gear
    - 350 W motor is inconspicuous, yet can still be driven close to 30 mph with the cheap add-on LCD Display
    - Cheap plastic triangle protects battery, controller, connections, etc.
    - Upgraded 12+ aH battery and "fast charger" (4 hours! :thinking:) for extra $85
    - Rigid frame, which is all that's necessary for fat bikes. Honestly, I've never ridden one... but I imagine that they give all the play that's needed, while still giving great response in acceleration.
    - I actually enjoy the look of this bike. I'd prefer to have the original colors, honestly... but that's just me. I guess I can deal with all black/titanium.

    The beauty of Kickstarter is that I can withdraw my funding before the campaign is complete. So can anyone convince me to spend my money elsewhere??

    Realistically, where else can someone get a steel-framed fat bike with realistic 30-mile range for less than $800 ?!?

    Only other bikes I've been considering lately are attaching the Add-E kit to a super compact bike, and also the, which I have gotten the manufacturer to say they will sell for $317 for 1 piece, however, I was never able to get a shipping price out of them. Went a couple months without contacting them, so I might get the cold shoulder for a couple months in return? There's also something about the chain pitch / sprockets that's non-standard. Doesn't look like 1/2" pitch to me!! But that's my ideal trunk bike for the last mile riding. Might get one of those too, because the battery hidden in the frame makes that bike super sexy. But I'd just as much like an Add-E that could be easily swapped between bikes, removed when parking, etc.

    But I thought SimpleSimon might enjoy this video about the trike... even tho I remember he was looking for a quad design. The Riide bike, along with its poetry, hold a special place in my heart as well.

    Good God, I love motorized bicycles!!! And I think that electric motorized bikes could kickstart a serious revolution in this country. :cool:
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