Top end speed with 56tooth 26"wheel

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rooooboy, May 10, 2009.

  1. rooooboy

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    hi guys,
    currently using 44tooth spoke with 26"wheels peaking at 39km'hr on flat gorund.
    looking to get more low down torque, if i fit a 56t would i still achieve at lieast 30'km hr, that is more than enough for me. just looking for bottom end.

    or should i run a 48tooth??

    any advice thank you!

  2. impression

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    use the 44tooth, but run slightly richer maybe ?

    you can always port match and shave a bit of the head. but i would get the slant head and maybe an exhaust with a tuned pipe.

    running a larger sprocket will give more torque low end but you need to rev the engine like crazy to get anywhere quickly. So, so all the other litle tweaks to get more torque perhaps and keep a reasonable top end speed with the 44?
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Let's're getting 39 km/hr with a 44 tooth?

    If you multiply 44 teeth by 39 km/hr and divide that product by 56 teeth, then you'll get your top speed with a 56 tooth sprocket. (at least I think so...)

    I'm not giving an answer because I don't have a calculator or pen and paper handy.
  4. impression

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    nono, what you do is

    44/56 = a

    a * 39 = B

    B = your top speed with the 56 tooth

    but then you need to factor in some wind and rolling resistance which for 3am i'm not getting into :S
  5. HI,

    On a 26" wheel your speed will change about 1 MPH per tooth lost or gained...

    ( top speed will decrease with a larger rear sprocket and will increase with a smaller rear sprocket).

  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    It's more like 0.8 MPH per tooth.....over 10 teeth that is
    a 2 MPH difference....
    Just use the ratio calculator on this site
  7. fetor56

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    I'de go 44T to 50T.......56 seems excessive.
  8. Irish John

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    I'd try a 48T cos they are easy to get and drill a couple more holes in your baffle pipe if you want more grunt. That will make more noise though which you may not want. Drilling the baffle might make it OK with the 44T so if you go that route try the 44T first and if not satisfied go up to 48T. 56T is way too much for those 2-strokes and you'd be crawling around at peak revs all the time but you might be able to do wheelies.