TOP GEAR rides thru Vietnam

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    "Top Gear" is a cheeky car show from the U.K. - but the last episode (season 12) was a scooter/motorbike trek of 1,000 miles through Vietnam, where they have bikes and scooters galore.

    Now, these are older 'car guys' and they were going through the mountains and cities, in their own British 'top gear' style, on the best used scooters they could get for $1,000 - quite entertaining. A must see for 'gearheads' (or petrol heads) as they make repairs along the way and groan about their aches and pains, as they try to weigh down their travelling mates with useless 'gifts'. Only the English could pull this off...

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    I spent a year in Nam many years ago, except we called it, " Injun Country." I never want to go back !
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    Yeah!!! i am a top gear addict its such a fun show to watch along with the serious 1,0000000 dollar cars they also do some crazy funny stuff.

    I loved when they had to turn thre scooters, bikes into motor boats to cross the finish line i always get a giggle when watching my mon eve dose of top gear .

    mon evenings BBC AMERCIA, and they do have clips to watch on the web

    in case your interested !!!!!!

    Happy travels VP.
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    Top Gear ( English version ) is the best show on TV. There is a local Oz version that is painful to watch, and just doesn't work. I really enjoyed the Vietnam special, looks like a fun place for 2 wheeled touring, now all that nastiness is behind us. The Polar special, where they drove Toyota Utes to the North Pole was great too. We really enjoy their pithy sarcasm, and honest opinions. Sure, like all car shows, they spend too much time on hundred thousand plus Unobtainables, but so what? We can all dream; and their appraisals and tests of more "common" cars are great. A good mix of humour and information, well done Pomms with this one.
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    Top Gear (U.K.) is one of my favorite shows and Top Gear Australia is unwatchable.I didn't think they'd make a second series.The Vietnam show is fantastic.The budget for Top Gear would be more than that of some small countries.

    A Top Gear story on motorised bicycles might be interesting.Jeremy Clarkson would hate them.
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    Top gear is definetely the best program on TV in the UK, another one of the best episodes is the one where they tour america too. I would love to do that one day, travel the country in a trans am or gto :)
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    just went to the site to watch a few clips. watch granny parking. i can picture my nanny with a bunch of her 70+ friends 180 parking now, if you watch part two, one of em even has a cup of tea!
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    houghmade thanks for the link haha
    my favorite part was jeremys coment on the end about not being sold on motorcycling, "altho sometimes good, its mostly all bad" lmfao
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    Haha thats funny as. I watched the whole thing, that used a whole hour of my time but it was worth it. lol
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    Thanks for the link! I have spent a lot of time over there, and it is a crazy place to get around. I have seen a ton of deadly accidents with scooters there. They were pretty insane to do that I think!