Sprockets Top Hat Disc Hub Sprocket Adapter - Best Possible Offset?


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Nov 2, 2017
The kits are great for those who don't really know what they need or don't want to have to figure it out, everything they need is there and it works. :)
But if you have very specific needs and something you want to do that's a bit different the SBP guys will answer any questions you have and will do their best to help. If you want you can get (the spiders or other) parts in addition to one of their standard kits, or by request they will even swap out parts for some of the parts in the kit. SBP are cool like that.
So though the kits are fine, I would check out everything else they have on the site too. :)
I went ahead and ordered a shift kit. I decided that an adapter wasn't worth the cost compared to the value of a shift kit. I might try to make an adapter for a friend in the near future. Once I familiarize myself with the stock layout of the shift kit I'll definitely see if I can improve upon it!

I'm currently working on a laser-cut plywood seatpost bracket that will allow the stock tank to be mounted on the rear of the bike. I've also decided to try to get my mb registered. I'm just hoping I can get this thing rideable before my summer break ends.

Thanks again for the free advice :)