Sprockets top hat sprocket adapter

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    my top hat sprocket adapter it seems is going to need to be welded onto my supplied sprocket as there are no mounting holes for connecting it to the clamshell, sprocket or disc brake rotor. which opens up another issue being Why make a top hat sprocket adapter and advertise it as a great way to line up your disc brakes to your sprocket and wheel and then leave no way to attach it? is there something i'm not seeing?

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    Top hat is for rear wheelsets that have disc brakes, to be attached on the disc itself.

    Clamshell adapters are used for coaster brake rear hub wheelset, or a multi speed hub wheelset.

    What rear wheelset do you have, can you describe it?

    If you have a rear wheelset with a disc brake, the hub will have a ISO 6 hole ISO universal mount for disc onto rim.
    Those 6 hole will match up with the top hat adapters 6 holes.
    (You dont use both adapters at once.)
    Hope this helps.
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    i don't know what ISO means and i wish i had a camera to take pictures. i got my sprocket and top hat adapter from kings sales and service. I have a seven speed beach cruiser bicycle that i bought these rear freewheel and front wheel for http://www.custommotoredbicycles.co...icycle_wheels_12_g_12_gauge_spokes_discbrakes
    and this clamshell adapter http://livefastmotors.com/Gas-Powered-Bicycle-Motor-Clamshell-Sprocket-Adapter-Small.html
    my sprocket came with the mounting holes for the disc brake but my top hat sprocket adapter doesn't. i'm going to have to mail the company and see what they say.
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    I don't see any rear wheels with hubs designed to mount a disk brake on that page. The top hat is meant to mount on a hub with a 6 hole disk brake mount also called an ISO mount. (see the attached picture of an ISO mount rear disk brake hub) Hope this helps.


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    the thread on disc brake conversion kit on that page has the six holes. i beleive my clamshell has 9 holes and so does my sprocket. all i know is that my clamshell and my sprockets holes line up. my top hat adapter doesn't have those holes but it seems if i secure them in a vise of some sort i can potentially drill the holes where i need them. i beleive my disc brake rotor holes do line up with my top hat sprocket adapter. i really need to get this bike finished because i think i'm about to lose my job and i'm not gonna be getting unemployment. i'm already living in a tent out back of where i work and that means i'll need to find another place to camp.
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    Sorry to hear about your stuff going on.

    This is what the top hat adapter should look like:


    (Of course, the 6 holes match your disc brake, and the 9 holes match the sprocket.)

    You may have been mailed a blank, w/o the holes cut into it. It should have holes, which is part of the $37.50 you paid.

    Again, its either or, NOT BOTH adapters.

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    the nine holes on the outer ring of the top hat sprocket adapter do match the sprocket and it looks exactly like that picture but the holes that mount to my clamshell are closer together and smaller and are located in a position closer in on the edge of the ring of the protruding plane where the disc rotor will hook attach. i'm going to use a drill and bit today to wear away at the ring in the spots where the bolts will install i also have to counter sink the holes to make the bolts be long enough to reach. its a worry to me having to have them stretch so far but a mans gotta do... I don't have any allen keys yet to actually tighten them. this next paycheck i'm going to see if i can buy a battery for my camera so i can show you some pictures. it would be almost self explanatory then. i haven't gotten any response from kings sales and service yet on my inquiry. i thought perhaps there might be some kind of bolts that were supposed to attach there but it really doesn't seem to be. maybe its just there to look in the pictures like the boltholes that would attach to your clamshell so you'll buy it, and then you do buy it and find out it was all just a cruel joke. maybe i'm not seeing something critical. if i could attach the sprocket to the tophat adapter thru the nine holes supplied but not to the clamshell hows that helping? i don't know. i'm back to using my plan.
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    i'm going to have to revise what i said. i said my sprocket came with mounting holes for the disc brake but what i should have said was clamshell. my sprocket came with the correct mounting holes aligned for attaching to my clamshell but my top hat sprocket adapter doesn't. i'm sure i must have said this again in later posts but seeing that reading from the top might seem confusing.