Top Secret: EZ Motorbike's Pace Setter Drive!!


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7:11 AM
Jan 6, 2013
Outer Banks
Hey guys!

I'm here to tell you all about the great things EZ Motorbike is currently up to. Quenton is SO busy with EZM, he doesn't always have the time to get on the Forums and keep you guys up to date with all the neat stuff we've been working on. I ,however, DO have the time, and Quenton is so excited to have me on the Forums offering my help. I couldn't be more excited myself. How lucky am I, that I get to work for motorbike company? I get to see how everything works, work on, build, and best of all, RIDE motorbikes everyday. When I started working for EZ Motorbike, I had NO IDEA how busy we would be. Even in the dead of winter, we can't keep kits on the shelves.

Well, what if I told you that I have permission from Quenton, to release prototype information, product information, test results, and last but not least, how to install the Q-matic on a variety of 4 stroke motors?

Now, what if I told you I'm here to release some "Top Secret" information on new Drive EZ Motorbike is making called the Pace Setter Drive?

Would you be excited? I am, and you should be too! One of the greatest things about EZ Motorbike is that they really listen to their customers And I don't mean they hear what you say, they really pay attention. Rumour has it that as we age, we can get a little bit "heavier." And when people started asking for a kit that could pull more weight, and help them climb that hill down the street just a little easier, they listened and they got to work! The result of that work, The Q-matic Pace Setter! This drive really "Sets the Pace" for the motorbike industry.

The Q-matic Pace Setter drive, lets you really dial in the ratios that are right for your bike, by exchanging various parts/belts, and on some versions, adjusting the primary pulley size. As an example, you may order the Pace Setter drive with a primary ratio of 3.0294x1 (which translates to an overall ratio of 16.96x1) or with a primary ratio of 2.8648x1 (which translates to an overall ratio of 16.04x1). The STANDARD Q-matic has a stock ratio of 2.7352x1 (which translates to an overall ratio of 15.31x1).

I wouldn't be lying if I said a few of the Pace Setters have made their way out there already, but I have a feeling a lot more will be on their way out soon. Next time I'll fill you guys in on the optional adjustable pulley for the Pace Setter drive. But just keep that one between us