Top speed my Motorized Bicycle 66cc :)

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by max350, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. max350

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  2. Fatandre

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    Do you have a list of mods done to the bike?
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  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    That's an optimistic speedo. Might be more believable if it was going downhill and wind assisted.
  4. max350

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  5. TREK820

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    Fabian, the tone of the replies implied sarcasm and can be taken as an attack of the credibility of the original poster.

    Why did you not ask for the specifics instead of having an instigating tone?

    And to threaten with "oh the mods aren't going to be happy with this!", isn't that childish? You mean as adults we can't act nice and civilly on our own accord without adult policing?

    I for one am glad someone took the time to share and contribute to this hobby.

    I do not know the accuracy of the video, and I am generally not interested in top speed, so I won't be viewing it, but I will always reserve judgement as its not my place to judge.
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  6. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    65kph? I can hardly read the thing.

    So low 40 mph range? Not so unfeasible with a decent engine with a pipe and a slender guy riding.
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  7. TREK820

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    sorry i didn't read fabians reply properly.

    either way you guys just caught each other on a bad day, but we shouldn't be calling names or instigate.

    lets build and tweak bikes together people!
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  8. velzie

    velzie Member

    It's hard to ascertain a particular tone from such short messages.

    We can assume Fabian is a skeptic and has probably seen many claims of top speeds that do not have a substantiating evidence. I am also a skeptic and do not believe in the precision of those small digital meters.

    Do you have a GPS read-out from a smart phone? I am not calling your bluff or trying to belittle you, but it would be nice to see GPS readings with top speed claims.
  9. max350

    max350 Member

    Hello! I'm not arguing with my video, with top speed. I have no GPS read-outs, but compared to cars speedometer (and gps smartphone) and it is true pretty accurate it is, of course + - even on a car speedo.
    What I want to show my video is a China 66cc can go pretty fast and rew 9k if only tune the engine correctly. Then it's pretty ridiculous that someone on the other side of the world begins to question anything that the person does not have a clue about, just a lot sarkassmer and other crap
  10. velzie

    velzie Member

    I understand your point. From your video you are obviously going faster than I have. I can only get about 40 km/h from my 66cc skyhawk straight-out-of-the-box with a 44t sprocket. Thats also at the top of a hill, and right after the engine bogs-down at full throttle.

    I also understand the point of the skeptic. The issue seems to be that people will always be skeptical, and rightfully so. It seems that the only acceptable method to claim a top/high speed is to include a GPS speed and elevation graph. Fabian also mentions a wind reading, but that would be difficult to measure. Even though a you-tube video is exciting, you will always run into people who will argue with any top speed shown on a bicycle speedometer no matter how precise one believes it is.

    Arguing with a skeptic in absence of further proof will never help your side of the argument.


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  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I get less speed than that out of my 66cc engine, and it has a modified cylinder, a high compression cylinder head, reed valve intake and Walbro style carburettor, Jaguar CDI and a modified exhaust.
    There are times when it's struggling to achieve more than 10 mph; working it's guts out.
  12. velzie

    velzie Member

    Hmmm... I dont think you are confused about the units, but 40 km/h not mph. I believe your builds are more oriented for low speed and hauling stuff, so top speed is not your goal.
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  13. TREK820

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    one thing: with the right gearing, and a two stroke motor a lot of top speed is usually attainable.

    Weight is of course a factor, but I used to have a 105cc motorbike that went 180 KMH, not kidding. But of course all you need in the right gearing and high revs.

    Have you guys seen the top speed of some of the low cc motorbikes? motogp is another extreme example, but shows you what low cc 2 strokers can achieve.
  14. max350

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    Yes it is a bit strange that it always gets such reactions, when a small two-stroke engine powered bike has a fairly high top speed, it is no big problem to pick out 10-20hp from 50-70cc engine, it just cost a little money and knowledge :)
  15. max350

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    Rebuilt for more speed ...... :):cool2:

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  16. cpuaid

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    that is a very beautiful and fast looking bike. you can tell that she was built for speed.
    excellent job on the mods! it looks like it can easily do 65-70 kph.