Top Speed of Belt Drive Chinese 4 Strokes

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To be a bit more accurate use the tires circumference. Its easy to do with the roll method of making a mark on the tire and floor rolling one revolution making a second mark and measuring the distance. Tires of the same size will vary.
My method is to get true tire diameter. Place the fully inflated tire perpendicular to the ground use a level at the top of the tire and measure to the ground. My Kendra 838's fully inflated true tire diameter is 26.25". Then you can use my MPH speed formula.

(RPM x Wheel Diameter x π)÷(1056 x Total Reduction)=MPH.
Figure this for me. Engine rpm 3600. Tire size 20.5, torque converter low 2.63, high 1.15 OD, to final reduction
of 6:1.

I figured 36.93 @ 1:1 and 43.44 at the1.15 OD. In reality those figure won't be reached due to power constraints. Hoping for low 30s.
Sorry I wasnt able to express my figures better. I also picked wrong figures from my scribble sheet, these values were
from higher rpm computations. My figures jive with yours based on what I gave you.

Thanks again!