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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Snarfu, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Rico glover

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  2. Tony01

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    67mph on a gas 2-stroke. Yea right. You sure you're not measuring in kph?

    My stock 212 will do about 55, but I have 4 drive chains slowing me down.

    You should upgrade that 2-piston front to a 4-piston ASAP...
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  3. Nice job Rico!
    And the Lifan is a 4 stroke!
  4. ezrider

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    Isn't a new 2 stroke engine suppose to get 1/3 more horsepower after break-in engine period say....around 300 miles or so ??
  5. Any new engine should run better after the rings break in and seat to the cylinder wall.
  6. ezrider

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    Yeah, the old adage: if it ain't broke....don't fix it.
  7. Pride454

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    I've gotten up to 38-40 mph on my predator. 30 is the least for top speed and 40-45 for the max.
  8. Street Ryderz

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    Im doing around 70 full out on flat and cruise around 45-50 because all the side roads around here are 80kph or 50mph !And i prefer to travel at traffic speed so cars have time to choose if and when to go past me,prior to achieving these speeds traveling anywhere was scarier than going fast on a bicycle!every part of my ride is built for these speeds and 203mm disc breaks front and rear!
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  9. Steve Best

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    Pictures, show us pictures or it never happened!
  10. KCvale

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    70kmh is 43.5mph and possible.
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  11. Bufu racing#1

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    lol yes I'm sure

    i build 212s also we have a stock internal 212 doing 70+
  12. Bufu racing#1

    Bufu racing#1 New Member

    no i do more like 120 kmh lol
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  13. Bufu racing#1

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    it never happened unless you see the pics and video here britt vanegas on fb =) lol
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  14. gary55

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    Went to fb. Saw the video. Seriously badassed bike. So you tellin any secrets, or keepin that sh*t to yourself?
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  15. Steve Best

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    Yup, I'm a believer Brit. Happening bikes there.
  16. Andres

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    Mine does 49mph
  17. zippinaround

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    your what? you saying you got 49mph from a stock engine?what size sprocket etc.
  18. gary55

    gary55 Well-Known Member

    Got a picture of that 49 mph bike?
  19. jaguar

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    no way a stock engines goes 49mph. change that 4 to a 2
  20. Andres

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    It is not stock sorry