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    so, as a part time job, i strip floors, tiles...that sort of stuff. light scale demolition. its fun :) it can be a nightmare, navigating ten flights of stairs with a bag of rubble.... 170 times :jester:

    anyways, we grind concrete floors and all that too, make a complete mess. i look at the grinder hoods and the vacuums and laugh internally.

    the vacuums, well, they have lil "beaters" that knock the dust off the filters. great big filters.

    the grinder shrouds, expect air and grit to just do an abrupt right turn and squeeze out through a 30mm hole... we run 60mm hoses?

    obviously, we need dust masks and exhaust fans and all that for, when workin in enclosed rooms, its gets uncomfortable.

    well, i recently got in the destructive mood, and pulled the wall down between my shower and laundry. pulled isnt really the word. tapped gently and stood back is more apt :) its beeen needing work for a long time!

    so i started grinding the concrete floor. disc from work, no shrouds etc, i take my time on my own jobs.

    first few seconds, no way. this is just TOOOO MESSY.

    so i made a shroud. cool.

    it blocked my lousy wet and dry vac up in less than 15 seconds :) this dust is similar in grade to talcum powder. super fine!

    so i made a cyclonic seperator.

    and here in lies the marvel.

    i didnt really calculate the dimensions, just fudged a few numbers til inlet and outlets suited my hose diameters. ie, air speed and volume is basically an educated guess that i can only move so much air, take 10%, with a 1400 watt motor...

    and this thing works!

    its still too large to get the ultra fine dust out, but after half an hour of grinding, my hopper is full of super fine silt, and the the vacuum hopper is empty. the filter gets a thin layer of dust that does clog it, but...half an hour is a lot better than 15 seconds!

    my plan is to make four more cyclones, but only roughly 1/4 of the size. the smaller the cyclone, the smaller the particle removed. then all four in parallel will flow as much as the big one. the big one removes the majority of stuff, the four lil ones remove the rest. (they can easily be made to remove say, cigarette smoke sized particles)

    so i guess this thread, besides having a crow about myself, is to ask...

    what are peoples thoughts, feelings and experiences with the most famous of cyclone filters, the dyson?

    ive never owned one, used one, etc, but gee i love the ideas they use!

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    No question about it, the Dyson products are well researched and work well. A friend of mine has a battery powered dyson with rotating bristle vacuum head. Thought it was a gimmick at first until using the thing.

    Now i am sold on the Dyson cordless range.
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    not too mention the "bladeless" fan. seen a few cheap copies that make the idea seem ludicrous, but they pale in comparison to the real thing, designed with real airfoils and a wee lil mini centrifugal compressor :) how they get it to spin so fast as to do useful work, whilst remaining near silent beats me! lil too quiet for me, i need the background noise to sleep properly.

    closest thing to that i saw before was the compressed air vacuums available. annular ring with small air jets, surrounding a tube. point ring one way, it would suck, and reverse the ring it would blow :) really handy for cleaning old coolant out of machines :)

    the mother always gripes about them, but then she gripes about anything that isnt english, or has no relevance to london during the war. "oh, jenny (best friend) got one, it died the day the warranty did"

    so, on one bad word alone, you are willing to dismiss what is basically a proven and expanding industry? how many have you been through in the same time frame? that werent dyson? hint hint. and why did jenny (best friend) immediately purchase a new one?

    im yet to find one on the side of the road, and what...theyve been around for at least a decade now... go figure :)
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    actually, todays experience has risen one issue.

    the cyclone falls apart and dumps a whole load of...anything in the chamber... if the airflow is lost. ie, if you block the hose.

    gravity catches some... but all that fine airborne stuff...WHACK! and the filter clogs instantly :)

    with what im doing with it...that could be a bad thing. though the proper vacs do have "self cleaning" filters, so that isnt such a drama. i find its the handling/transferring of waste that makes the mess.

    i dont think ill ever make concrete dust vacuums completely filter free (neither is a dyson, actually) just for that single point. having 3 kg of super fine silica dust filling the air may look nice, but i dont want a case of the longest english word...