TORONTO! NEED HELP! is there any one willing to fix my bike!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by lewsidius, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. lewsidius

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    hi i got a bike kit
    and its all installed and but wont start
    i dont know whats wrong
    but i will pay some one to help me with it
    i have been trying to get it going and it seems the carb either leaks or starves
    i have been trying to get it goin for months :veryangry:
    but i just want to hit the road
    please if someone can help or give a tip i wiil be very greatful

  2. ddesens

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    I'd help but you would have to get the bike to rochester ny or at least buffalo where I could meet you.--Dave
  3. lewsidius

    lewsidius Member

  4. xxSLiMxx

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    Where in toronto are you? Im in Mississauga, i might be able to help.