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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dr_clabo, May 14, 2007.

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    I see you are as confused as me :lol: :lol:

    but, Doc , if you have any info on torque-a-verters, we would like to hear!!!
    8) 8) 8)
  5. dr_clabo

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    Sorry -

    I am not selling these by any means....

    Has anybody gave any consideration to hooking one up?

    Might make take-off a breeze and easier for some to handle at the lower speeds.

    One of the considerations for me is doing a "his & her" type build.
    Call it a generation thing or even sexist, but the majority of guys I know have some moto experience (even if only mini-bike or mini-trail type) and the majority of the [their] women do not.

    When you have 5 cables coming off the bars with 5 different functions, it can be confusing at the beginning. Pulling in the clutch, locking, operating front & rear brake, etc.

    For the lesser experienced [moto] riders, this might mellow-out the experience per se.

    In summary, has anybody even considered intergrating a torque converter into their mechanism?

  6. gone_fishin

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    the first post being so vague, i have to admit some confusion on my part, so i moved it into "parts", but now i see the desire to discuss application, so back it goes into general discussion.

    my mind (my imagination has no budgetary limitations) has been "installing" that converter on some pretty mean rides...i'd sure like to see where this topic goes.
  7. dr_clabo

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    sure like to see where this topic goes.

    Yes, indeed.

    The reason I come up with some of these ideas and concepts and post them as such, is that I am a hobbyist / enthusiast at best. That is, I have other irons in the fire with regard to time.

    I post some the crazy stuff for those slightly more dedicated to the outer limits of these neat little rides. For those that have a CnC lathe or a welder or more importantly, the time to tinker with the more outlandish concepts.

    Right ! Exactly ! Let's see where this one will take us !


  8. gone_fishin

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    off-topic, but this is how i solved the "too many controls" problem & i love it:

    iRide is getting ready to do a custom motoredbike frame, maybe he'll see this converter and get an idea or two... 8)
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    The only prob I see is getting the thing started.

    A centrifugal clutch would be a lot easier to install, and lighter too. Plus if you mounted one from a Honda 70 or 90, you could bump start the bike but after it starts the clutch lets go until you give 'er some gas.
  10. dr_clabo

    dr_clabo Guest

    Plus if you mounted one from a Honda 70 or 90, you could bump start the bike but after it starts the clutch lets go

    Ah - Ha ! now you are onto something !

    Better than the 2 speed constant mesh tranny previously mentioned.

    Keep it cookin' guys !!!!!!!

  11. Dockspa1

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    If we could just find a smaller setup like the snowmobiles it would make it a lot easier.
  12. dr_clabo

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    Still gonna have to figure out how to start it with a torque converter.
  14. dr_clabo

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    Still gonna have to figure out how to start it with a torque converter.

    Yeah, seems to me that somewhere they make converters that are just that - converters. No clutch or centrifugal device.

    Perhaps they were used on mowers or manufacturing apparatus. Can't remember. But, they had just the front portion and the rear portion that worked off a spring setup to adjust gear / torque ratios depending on RPM.

    I do suppose one that had a spring-loaded clutch could be "locked" handily too. No ?
  15. Bill Snow

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    I once had a bicycle motor that had a small tork converter and also a clutch. It was called a MX-5 made in Korea.
  16. dr_clabo

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    I once had a bicycle motor that had a small tork converter and also a clutch

    I guess the issue here is that keeping the manual clutch functional will alleviate the necessity of converting to a "pull" type starter. One would still be able to "peddle start" the rig.

    A torque converter that has no clutch or to "tack weld" on one that does have a clutch....

    We are looking for real world applications !!!!!

    Help us out guys.... get out those welders and machine tools !!!!

  17. Dockspa1

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    I guess we could just do like the antique bikes and use the idler pully to stretch the belt untill it engages enough to start the engine and then your off! :eek:
    (Sounds sooo Simple)
  18. gone_fishin

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    yup, you could simulate a "suicide shift" for the tensioner/clutch lever...too cool 8)
  19. Dockspa1

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    I wonder what the least expesive torque converters run. Looks like it's worth a shot.
  20. I will give the torq converter a try.
    Since it will let me get high speed and at the same time have lots of torque when needed for speeds, I think it is a good idea, however they are expensive.

    I will use the torque converter on another bike I plan on building.

    Does anyone know where to get 10g (3mm aprox) spokes? , the largest I have seen available are 12g.

    12g is perfect for the 70cc, which is 3.5HP, but for a bigger engine the 10g spokes might be needed.

    I will use the torque converter on a 4 stroke engine with a 3/4" shaft, there is a chinese engine at harbor freight that will be on special for $130 (june 1) 6.5HP that I think will be great for that since it is cheap and has a lot of power.

    That engine runs at 3600 RPM (governor), so it will need a very large rear sproket about 56 tooth and will give you 50 MPH flat, and on worst hills probably 17 MPH due to the torque converter reductions.

    Does anyone know a source for a very large bicycle sprockets?
    One possibility is to use a jackshaft, but I rather keep things simple if possible.

    Does anyone know where to get a heavy duty engine mount for a 4 stroke engine?, like the ones that appear on the 4 stroke kits for the 50cc engines.