Torque of hub motors / Others solutions for my ebike

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    Hi everybody!
    I'm back... Still without a bike.
    I have a few questions regarding them, but first why do I want one:

    - I don't need incredible range, nor incredible speed. Range would be preferred over speed, but if I can get a good compromise... I would love to be able to run at 20mph with moderate pedaling.
    - However, I need torque!!!! I live in a VERY hilly area and that's why I want an electric bike: if I leave home with a bike, I just can't go back with it!
    - I may add a genny some time later just for the fun of having longer trips. But that's not the point right now.

    Now, what about my bike:
    A Mongoose NX 8.01 . Great frame, fork isn't good but not that bad. However, I have no more brake lever, gear shift, gears and chain! These just worn out with time, I threw them in the bin to force me buy some new before I end up crashed on a tree. There's a good bit of parts to buy!

    - The cheapest solution: the hub motor.
    For 230€ all but batteries included, you can't go cheaper. They give me brake levers with it, as well as controller and throttle and bag.

    My main concern is about torque. Does it have any real torque? What about the quality? What about efficiency?|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

    - Alternative solution: A motor chained to a gear on the left side of the rear wheel. See "My electric build - success". This is more expensive, but parts will be better - and the motor may be better too. I'd have to find a big gear to get more torque, the speed will be reduced. Do you think It'll match my needs? With the 1000W 36V motor from evclouds

    - Cyclone kit. Not much to say, except that it's noisy - and that's the problem. I heard there now are no-gearbox version and they are way more silent. However Cyclone advertises "for expert only", talking about their controller that would die if you run full power - looks lite a pretty bad controller, should change that for quality.

    - Cyclone like kit. With 1000W 36V motor so no gearbox. And a Nexus hub, buying a crank wheel from cyclone.

    Moreover, 48V motors will get me farther (less stress on batteries for same wattage, I=P/U

    Do you think i do NEED a geared system?
    What do you think would be better for me?


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    I use one of these:

    I use it to climb 1000 feet over a distance of 3 miles. This hill is on my 13.5 mile round trip, which I do using a 36V 12ah battery. It might be able to go further, but I am afraid of being stranded at the bottom of the hill. It will go about 22mph on a straightaway. It is too fast for my pedals to keep up with. I'm sure I can go faster if I could pedal. On the commute I am always pedaling. I have a rear hub kit and the quality of the parts is excellent. The Ebay link looks like a goldenmotor kit:
    I've heard they are great if you are lucky enough to get one that is not damaged, but their quality control is terrible.

    I chose a gearless hub motor over a cyclone kit because I don't want to deal with wearing out the chain parts and popped off chains. The hub motors last for a very long time, problem-free.
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    Thank you. I have to climb 1000 feet over a distance of 5 miles.
    Hub motors seem to be a reasonable solution.

    I'd be happy with this amped kit, wouldn't be the shipping cost to France... But it looks like quality parts!

    I think that with a 1000W motor (or even 500W) I'll have no power problems, even running that hill, without gears. And that's really good news! Simpler is better (and more reliable).

    Now I have two options: hub motor or motor on the left.

    Hub motors:
    - My link is for a 48V 1000W hub. Every other parts don't look of incredible quality, and you are talking about quality control... However, it is cheap.
    The motor is brushed, not brushless. That means lower efficiency (7% less, say 10% less). However, this motor is 48V, and as I'm going to use SLAs, the lower stress on batteries may very well give me these 10% more. But what about life expectancy...? Moreover, I have to check this hub is not geared to keep noise low (one of my goals is to be able tu run back that hill not using the road, but small streets, and I don't want police on my back... old hypochondriac and angry people live there >_< ).
    Price is 230€ or 320$

    Do you know other brushless hub motors or hub motor kits to compare?

    Motor on the left:
    - Will need more work, but will allow me to use better quality parts.
    Apart from the motor - that I don't know a lot about.
    -The EVClouds 1000W 36V motor is a brushed motor with a freewhel. It seems people think it's a fairly decent quality motor. It's more powerfull than a 1000W hub motor as these 1000W are peak - with this motor, the peak power is about 1500W. Costs 140$.
    -Kelly 36V 50/30A Super High Efficiency controller. Looks like a good quality part. 110$
    -Thumb throttle, 50$. Not "thumb tab" (not ergonomic). Not a twist one because a decent one would cost the same price, and the cheaper ones... I don't know.
    -For the brake, I'll put myself a microswitch on the brake levers. 5$ and will allow me to use avid single digit or the like.
    -From electricscooterparts: a sprocket (20$). Add 10$ for the chain.
    -A hub with brake disc holes. 60$.
    -Other parts: say 20$.
    -Shipping: 80$ (estimated).

    Would cost 500$ or 360€ .

    That's quite a lot more!

    Do you think it's worth the price? Maybe could I get a better hub motor for that price? What's your opinion on it?

  4. NeoY2k

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    After rereading, that 230€ motor is a gearless brushless 1000W motor! ****. And yeah, it really looks like a goldenmotor one. It probably is one.