Torque pulley upgrade for Q-Matic Drive

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    After extensive testing of the HF 99 CC Four-Stroke motor and the Q-Matic drive, EZM is ready to release drive version #8.

    Series #8 serial numbers will not start at 8001. First prduction drive serial number is 8370.

    Series #8 is available in several versions.

    Stock production Q-Matic for 49CC HS 142A or Honda GXH50... $279.00

    Q-Matic for HF 99 CC Predator with 2.5" primary pulley and AX 25 belt...

    Q-Matic for HF 99 CC Predator without primary pulley and AX 26 belt...

    Q-Matic for HF 99 CC Predator with Adjustable primary pulley & AX 26belt.... $299.00

    All Q-Matic drives for HF motors are custom crafted as ordered, not a stock item [normaly ships within 48 hours].

    All Q-Matic drives for HS 142A & Honda GXH50 are in stock items and normally ship within 24 hours.

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