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    Has anyone figured out the torque specifications for the 2 cycle engines? Looking for ones for the 80cc motor.

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    Thanks I found this information on here for the head nuts.
    Torque 8mm to 120 to 175 INCH POUNDS
    Torque 6mm to 60-70 INCH POUNDS
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    Be careful . Ken:
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    I use 8mm head bolts at 10 to 12 foot pounds & 6mm bolts at 6 to 8 foot pounds. Using those values for over 8 years on getting close to 1000 motors now.
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    kenm, you're thinking in foot pounds instead of inch pounds. 175 inch pounds is 14.5 foot pounds. 18 foot pounds is too tight.
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    Yes, thanks Mr. Butre, I just thought of that now!:eek:
    Sorry Jeff for the wrong info!:oops:
    Keep looking up! Ken.
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    Max torque for GOOD cast aluminum 8mm is around 204 inch pounds which is 17 foot pounds. Being we are talking about Chines cast aluminum I sure would not got to the high side or max.
    Thanks Jeff
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    Stop 1/4 turn before it strips or snaps. That's still too tight. LoL