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Jun 21, 2022
Nampa, ID
OK... knowing I need a torque wrench I picked up a Pittsburgh from Harbor Freight yesterday... is does 5ft lbs up...

I've never used one of these before. I ASSUME I am supposed to go to the 10 ft lbs mark on the handle and then spin to 2 on the actual end of the handle then lock in to place... BUT... it doesn't seem right.

I've tested on a few nuts including my rim nuts and I ain't gettin' no click... not even at 5 ft lbs.

As I said... I've never used one of these so I am not knowing what to expect but I am putting some decent weight/torque on the hub nut and it's doing nothing... it's acting like a regular ole 3/8" rachet wrench...

What am I doing wrong? is 5ft lbs really THAT much that I should continue to torque?

I tested my head bolts but when each went about 1/10 of a turn without clicking I stopped each.

Do I have a bad wrench?
Friggin Harbor Freight... I just tried the damn wrench on my cars rim.... it don't work. At all.

Yes... I exercised it too.

Your nuts/bolts have to be finger tight, then you'll hear/feel it click when it hits 12. The wheel nuts on your car have 90 or more.
A tight bolt won't make it click. The lighter wrenches barely make any noise as it is. Boot the kids out, turn the stereo off and you might hear it.
...but will it continue to tighten or will it slip?

From a video I watched I should be able to mount the thing in a vice and give it a pull and hear it click. No such luck.
..yeah... this thing is surely not working...
Return it and buy a Craftsman Inch lb torque wrench
Inch lb torque wrench only goes up to 240 inch lbs and it reads in inch lbs

A good Inch lb torque wrench is what ya really need for working on these small engines
Sometimes ya gotta spend a little money on a quality tool

You'll have it for the rest of your life