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    Uno, after increase of intake 7", my bike will just about take front wheel off the ground when I'm starting out. This is with a 66cc, 44Tooth. I don't ride it hard at all, but there are times that you have to move quick or get run over? The torque is much, much better.

    I just worry about rear spokes on wheel, moving this mass around town?

    What's interesting is, with the bike and me, weighs 320lbs +.........:grin5: I just wonder how long this will last? Before I ever take out on road, I go over checking everything on this superior china creation.


  2. popeye

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    ive done some calculations and have come to the conclusion that if i even began to know what i was talking about my head would explode. hope this helps ;]
  3. Neon

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    geebt48cc have you put tie wraps on your spokes where they cross?
  4. HeadSmess

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    constant loads fine, drive train power transmission ratings go up as the rpm increases.

    its the sudden "snaps" that do the damage.... im more scared by the dumping of the clutch when starting and the wheel locks up...
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    And here's what my big butt does to the drive and clutch gear but replacing them with parts from a dead motor was easy! Just gotta remember to slap in a little grease every now and then.

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    how, erm...true do your gears run?

    cus thats not overload or fatigue, thats just complete failure...

    making me think that you have an extremely off centre clutch axle...mines bad and the gears are getting there... if id realised while i had the cases split :shout:

    anyways...if its not due to gears being all wobbly im saying something got in there cus that just aint normal...

    would have sounded awesome when it did die!
  7. jaguar

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    I think that much wear is possible if there was no lubrication
  8. Mozenrath

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    Yikes! Those pics scare the heck outta me! I think I'll run downstairs right now to check on the state of mine and add some more moly grease to it.