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    I took my old mountain bike from 13-odd years ago and put a Staton Friction Kit with a Robin-Subaru EH035 (33.5cc) on it. That was great for a while until I realized that at 40 yrs old I wasn't as thrilled about holding that much of my body weight up with my arms. So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a Schwinn Point Beach (basically the Schwinn version of the Kulana Moon Dog) and transferred the kit over.

    I took my first ride to work on the Point Beach today and loved it. Sitting back on that beach cruiser was MUCH more comfortable.

    I've attached pictures of the original Mongoose Sycamore and the new Schwinn Point Beach.

    I think I'm going to have to put the back fender back on it (on the front side of the back tire up towards the roller). Today I hit a few wet spots and it threw water and road grime back up towards the seat post.


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    now you are stylin, much nicer
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    Thanks! Yep ... I'm pretty happy with it!

    Of course, I just noticed that I mis-named the pre-build and post-build pics. :)