Trade Upgraded WC-1 for Ambassador

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Scootmeister, May 26, 2012.

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    I purchased my 1999 WC-1 thinking it would be considered a moped and would not need tags or insurance. I learned just recently that my state qualifies mopeds based on a 50cc limit and Whizzers are considered motorcycles. Therefore, I might as well have an Ambassador which is considered a motorcycle anyway. My bike has had the following upgrades:

    Ported, polished engine block, painted black for better cooling
    Vintage milled head
    Improved head gasket
    Timing advanced
    Upgraded spark plug
    Carb tuned
    All restrictors removed
    Clutch lever modified for additional travel
    Chrome Whizzer speedometer
    Chrome Whizzer Luggage Rack
    Chrome Exhaust Manifold cover
    High Rise Handlebars
    Whizzer drop down kick stand
    New Tires
    New Battery
    SS KMC chain

    The bike has 435 miles on it, it starts first time every time and runs like a sewing machine. It will go an honest 40+MPH with the stock carb and cam. Everything works. It does not burn or blow oil. The bike needs nothing. Am willing to trade for Ambassador with minor issues.. Tires and kick stand have been changed since these photos were taken. Saddlebags are not included in the trade..

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    Man that is one sweet looking 99!!
  3. Scootmeister

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    Thanks, MasonMan. I'm glad you like her. All she needs is a new home!!