Traffic was crazy yesterday


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Nov 4, 2006
I headed out at 8:00 am. I'd picked a couple "worthy" garage sales out of the newspaper. (I scored 2 small 4-strokes & a Motobecane 49.9 cc, set up for belt drive. but that's another story.)
Lots of traffic, so I got on a side street. Seemed like a good idea. Was buzzing along, WOT, when a pick-up, pulling a trailer,(driver NOT looking)started out into the intersection, on my left. At this point, my trying to stop was outta the question. (that woulda turned out ugly) I think it must have been "fight or flight", because I stayed on the throttle & hugged the curb on my right side. He missed me by about 4 feet. He didn't even have time to touch his brakes & I didn't have time to yell out my usual sarcastic "thank you". When he saw me fly by, right in front of his truck, his eyes were as big as Mine! :eek: summary....Be careful out there! 8)