Trailer exhaust?

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  1. I rode my MB with a kiddy trailer today to transport
    a huge package to the PO, but don't like how my motor
    is shooting oily exhaust right onto the trailer.
    Has anyone here ever made an exhaust deflector tube out of flexible conduit or something similar to run under the trailer so it gasses out the back?

    I'd love to take the dog for a ride, but not with her choking him with fumes....

  2. Mountainman

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    doing someTHING about that -- wo wo that smell -- I think a very good idea
    I brought this issue up a while back with someone who would be having their kid in that THING
    they were not too concerned -- I think that you have noticed someTHING important

    good job as you ride that MB THING
  3. Either flexible conduit, or maybe even some sort of very high temp ducting hose.
    I know that the flexible conduit would leak oil out of the seams,
    but I can't think of any other material that would work ok,
    besides very high temp silicon tubing.
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    Strange... I run with a trailer all the time. Almost never leave home without it.

    But I've never noticed anything from the exhaust fouling up the trailer.
  5. I mostly want to do it for fumes. My setup is different too,
    the pipe shoots directly out the back. Even with a 90 deg copper diverter,
    it still hits the trailer a bit.
    Getting blasted in the face with 2 stroke exaust for miles and miles
    would suck so bad. I love my doggy to much for that.
    I'll eventually get a 4 stroke, but for now this is what I have.
  6. azbill

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    yeah, I have the same problem :)
    I run a short, aimed at the ground, exhaust (see smiley)to solve that problem
    it is a price we have to pay to transport our valuable cargo :cool2:
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    Flexible pipe/tubing/conduit for gas appliances like water heaters, clothes dryers, stoves should not leak ! But felxible conduit for electrical wiring shure will !
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    is it normal for them to spit oil? could it mean that theres too much oil in the mix?
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    I'm no expert, but every 2 cycle engine I've ever owned has always spit a little oil residue. I think if it's an excessive amount there probably is a little to much oil in the fuel mixture. Then again, I've always been under the impression that too much oil is better than not enough, and the worst that will happen with to much oils is a foulded spark plug. Plugs are a lot cheaper to replace than a burnt up/seized engine !
  10. All 2 strokes spit a bit. If you don't see it, you're not looking.
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    lol im not :sweatdrop:


    azbill, can you sheck the link.. im not getting anywere....

    you changed the whole thing? from 2 stroke to 4? wow re-start
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    link works for me??? the thread is in vendor's forum (AZBill's EZM)
    I was not trying to push my kit, just stating the cleaner exhaust from a 4cycle
    see my sig, I am now an EZ Motorbike dealer
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    ok it worked, slower than normal for some reason. thats a super sweet build man!!!