Trailer Motor, Serious help needed!

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by toolongtoremember, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Right, I have absolutly no clue what I'm going to need.

    But I have got this far, I wish to mount my power, motor and drive on a trailer

    I have the engineering skills to make such a thing, but I dont have the technical data, I've seen loads of posts about individual components, but never one with which has everything in, at least not one that I can understand

    can sombody please list the basic components out for me and how they work together in relation to electronics especially, please? thanks!

    The reason for this is; I work in London/Live, and I can't afford a car because the congestion charge is £8 a day and parking nearby work is £10 a day. Thats £18 a day, or $28 a day roughly for you americans =P

    I can't have a motorbike or a gas powered bike because I have nowhere to put one and you can't have one indoors anyhow.

    I would use public transport, but as my work is on public transport, I need to be onboard the first train as it leaves the London terminal, how do I get there if the first train hasn't gone yet? - difficult to get around... this leaves me with one solution left...

    Cycle, but, I can't cycle 12 miles a day to work and 12 back, I need to look presentable when I get there, so this gave me the idea to motorise a bike

    It's going to be trailer mounted so that I can interchange it between bikes because I have 4 bikes, 2 racing bikes, a touring bike and a mountainbike with suspension for lazy days

    I'm only 9 stone at best, 8 and a half usually, so weight isnt an issue really.

    Also, is it possible to not pedal at all? ... not that I'm lazy, I do the pedaling on the weekends!


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    You need a throttle, controller, motor, and batteries. If you go with lead acid batteries, I would go with a two wheel trailer because of the weight. This will give you better handling. One of the hub motor conversion kits would have everything you need, but the standard batteries might only give you a one way trip. Of course that can be fixed by charging at work or more battery capacity.