Trailer Project of my Own for Adult Sized Friends

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by will_start, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Hey All,

    I post here as a trailer is close to Push Traliers...hope thats ok.

    I decided I wanted to be able to tow friends around on my bike.
    Having had a friend (95 kg) sit on my bike with me and ride home one night,
    and we ended up doing $320 damage to my electric bike.

    So, I thought a trailer I can tow would be useful.
    But, as I would not use it much, didn't really want to spend
    up to $500 for an adult carrying version.

    So, I decided to use a Hand Trolley, as I had one available,
    that is ready for an upgrade. Only cost me about $40, 5 years ago.
    Can carry a load up to approx. 200kg.

    See below link for an example, mine is yellow but looks alot like this...:tt1:
    Hand Trolley Example

    Attached to that I have put an old outside lounge chair, that had snapped one of the legs.
    as the "seat" or load area, see an example in the below link.

    A Similar chair

    I used cable ties to join the two together.

    Now, I am trying to work out how to join the "cart" to the bike.
    I am going to use basic stuff I have at home, to complete this.

    I have another friend coming over Tommorrow (Friday), who thinks he can do it.
    I'll post pics when I get a chance...
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  2. professor

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    That hand truck will be too narrow (tend to flip over) and ride very hard for the poor soul that occupies it. Think about stopping the combined wt. of your whole contraption also.
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    You may be right, but...

    A: Its already built and is all I have to use.
    B: Initially I intend riding short distances, slowly along flat terrain.
    IE a flat bicycle track.
    C: There has to be a design that will be more stable.
    After all, this has a really low centre of gravity.

    I was thinking of something like a horse harness, that ties
    on both sides with sway bars like a caravan.

    Horsy Harness Example

    Did I say I was the master of bad design ??

    The trailer rider will have to lean if it comes to that...
    and more pillows will make the ride comfy...

    PS thanks for the encouragement :rolleyes7:
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    buy and return a child trailer from walmart to see how its attached and copy. good luck! :)
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    Update on trailer, Pics and all.

    ok, here's a related story, to above about buying a push trailor.

    I have gone further with the build, but here's some pics,
    I took a couple of days ago.

    I saw a guy down the beach with his two kids in a tow trailor
    and he had a 49cc 2 stroke motor on.
    We chatted about 10 mins, and he had a garden hose pipe
    on his exhaust, so the fumes went behind the kids.

    "they complained about the smell", he said.

    I studied the trailor hookup, to get ideas for how to do mine.
    The Police drove by us about 2 feet awayand didn't even look at
    his two stroke.

    I followed him for about 1km, and the smoke and exhaust noise,
    came out the back of the kids trailor. It had a zip in option
    and all with sun roof...Mad...:idea::3:

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    First Test Ride and more Pics.


    So, I attachted the Cat to my bike in the most hasty way i knew.
    Which was using rope., Its Flexible, strong, but prone to my installation of knots shall I say.

    I Call it Cat, short for Catamaran. I found a link for that,its
    Prone to tip and has a trampoline as a seat...:whistling:

    The Cat

    See attached. Pics.
    I used the trampoline as a test tie point.

    I took this for a test ride just in front of my house,
    and the bike performed quite well.

    I'm going to the hardware for a better attachment tho...

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  7. will_start

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    ok i've changed my hookup designs, and have come up with another idea for this.

    I will take a picture of my setup once its done.

    I intend to attach my setup to a bag rack, as it design seems to transfer the forward and
    backward load to the bike quite well.

    I put normal house scales on a tin about 50 cm high.
    Rested the trailor on the scales.
    I then sat all my weight on the riding spot on the trailor.

    I measured the weight when static, and its was like 3kg.

    So, all the bag rack will absorb is the pull and push of the trailor.
    I'm going to use a trampoline spring to make the link up flexible..,

    regardless I'm enjoying being creative...
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    Have finished my cart now, but have had
    a slight medical issue (nothing serious)
    that should keep me off the bike for a week or so.

    But, I think I could manage a short test ride.

    I have lined up a friend of mine
    to be a test case as a passenger on it.

    He said if I can ride it to his house,
    then it should be safe for him to ride on.

    then I will get him to record some video
    as a passenger, which I'm sure to add to
    You Tube clip. I can see it now.

    I'm going to upload a music file I created,
    for use on the video.
    If you use commercial music youtube
    will drop your video...

    Obviously if you dont like music, dont download the file...:jester:

    I'll post some pics of my setup.
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    Music file for upcoming video

    Ok, I have had to rename the file to pdf to be able to upload it.

    So, after download, right click my pdf and select rename

    change file name to help.m4a

    enjoy my little dittie.

    Its inspired by The Beatles.

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  10. will_start

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    Last setup before a proper test run.


    Here's a COUPLE OF PICS of the bike plus trailor,

    Its ALL stored in my tent along with a few
    other items as per the shots.
    As per file spring_anchor_bolt.JPG

    Surprsingly, it will probably move like
    the below during a ride...


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    Proper test ride at last...

    Ok, an update...

    My health issue has fixed itself,
    and I can now ride a bicyle again.

    I took the trailor for a test ride.
    It worked fine over a 2km ride by myself.

    I then had a second ride with a load on,
    I'm guessing the load to be about 150kg.
    One Adult, one child, luggage of about 30kgs.

    Was travelling to/from this event, see below link.!/group.php?gid=24322345400

    It handled quite well, I was only going slow,
    but the two passengers were happy for the 1.5km ride,
    rather than walking...


    The video will have to wait,
    have moved rooms and cant find the camera...