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    I don't know if this is a 'new thread' or not. But I have a Trailmate Meteor (Delta w/2o" in the rear, and 16" in front.) I have been enjoying riding it very much...with 21 speeds I seem to do fine. I have lived in SW Florida for 35 years, and have not seen a hill yet<g>. I would like to motorize it to get to and from a great park with about 7 miles of bike trail...I just can't peddle the 'twenty mile or so' distance to and from the park. I have read all of your great suggestions to folks, and have been sort of monitoring this forum for about a month (right Tom?) I would appreciate any help, that anyone can give. I NEED HELP! I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! Thank you.
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    please give us a pic.
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    I apologize for all of the 'caps' in my post, I didn't mean to shout. But, sometimes my caps lock sticks.

    I don't have a picture of my own, but it is exactly like the one shown on the trailmate site w/21 gears (saphire blue.)

    If you click on the 'owner's manual', it gives you a breakdown of's actually an assembly guide.<g>

    Thank you for your reply.
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    I would call Dave at staton-inc and he will point you in the right direction. I think if you went with the gearbox and chain drive system you will be very happy. they are bulletproof and guarenteed for life.

    You will prolly find yourself not petaling much anymore. hehe.
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    Trailmatemeteor & 21 speed

    Thanks to all of you guys who have given me your time...I have found a way to 'break loose' the additional funds needed...I honestly am on a slightly budgeted is much tighter than it ever was when I was on the job. I really know what it is like to scrape and pinch.<g> Welcome to the real world...really! But I am always ready to help a friend. I cant stress that enough. Friends come first.!! ((After family, of course)

    I Plan to contact Dave at Ataten on Friday, and see what he thinks I need...then work from there. I have stripted the the trike down to the necessities...Oversized water bottle, headlights, and tail lights...and if the State of FL requires, a lic.plate light, and multi Tool Kit w/my lunch.nd dual tail lights...Sound like I have everything covered?
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    some states don't allow motors on bike trails - check that as well
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    Thanks for the tip, but I've checked with Fl Dmv and they say "as long as you turn off your gas motor and strictly pedal, you are Okay." What I can't get a definitive ruling on, is "Exactly what type of vehicle is this?' The Dmv did not know, the local office refered me to the Regeonel Dmv Office, they said I needed nothing, since it was only a Bike with small Motor--they did say that I could not operate it on the bike trails unless I cut the motor and just peddled...(that is what I want to do).
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    sounds like you are good to go, if i were you i would ask the DMV for a written statement that way if you ever run into trouble with the local forces you will be covered......
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    Yup, I'm good to go. After talking to David Staton, I have a Robin-Subaru and Staton Gear Box, etc. on the way. This should work out pretty well. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and encouragement. I guess that pretty soon I won't be a a 'Newbie' any longer. <g> Prog notes and photos to follow. Progress may be a little slow, but it is hard to work in a garage that is 95 degrees and feels like it is 100.
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    I think you will have a good rig when finished. Put a tarp down on your kitchen floor & assemble it while under A/C !
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    My little bundle of joy arrived today in the form of a Yellow shrouded Suberu and shiney Staton gear box! Here's the plan: since my wife has gone out of town for a week, I'll throw several plastic painting dropcloths that I have on the TV Room floor, wheel the beast around to the French Doors off the pool, roll it in, and get to work. I'll let Y'all know how things are going...K?
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    Hi there, all. 1) I was hoping to have some detailed prog notes and pics on this project by now. But, alas, the day I got my new engine and gear box from Oklahoma, my wife called from NC to say she had managed to fall down a flight of stairs and sprain her was now the size of a baseball but not broken. She was heading home with my brother-in-law and the grand kids.

    The next morning, the guys from work called to say they were toting my daughter to the hospital with food poisoning. I made it over to the ER just in time to watch a nurse hook up an can guess the rest of the treatmrnt for food poisoning.<yuk> By late afternomn, she was feeling well enough that they would let me drive her home.

    That night, I came down with 'Lord-Only-Knows.' No, my dog didn't die, and they didn't reposses my pick-up truck...altho this does sound like the first draft of the lyrics to a pretty bad country song,<g> it is, unfortunately, all true.

    Hopefully, the next prog note on this project will have some substance and pics. Pray for me. I'm gittin' 'er done, but slowly.
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    Hi there, all. I'm back on my feet and Doctor says I can resume work. Since I believe in detailed prog notes:

    Prog Note 2) I wrapped the frame where the clamps and braces contact with plumber's black foam rubber insulation tape to both protect the finish and dampen vibration. I covered that with black vinyl tape to help protect it from getting torn up.

    In the afternoon, I mounted the engine ("attached the engine" would be a better way of saying that, I guess.<g>) I replaced the bolts supplied with ones a half inch longer and in grade 8 stainless. The salty air tends to knock out regular bolts pretty quick. Plus, I added a one inch stainless collar to them so the bottom mounting plate would snug up at a little better angle. It turned out to be perfect. The Staton custom made braces managed to mount/clamp straight forward to the frame without a hitch. I used stainless steel clamps all around, too.

    Next is the axle sprocket, freewheel, and drive chain. I don't have far to go, but the doctor says I've had enough for today so I have to suspend operations.

    I do have pictures, but I will send those along in a subsequent post...hopefully by tonight. God Bless all for letting me paricipate.
  15. PatrickW

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    Prog Note 3) Pics -- In the 'Spacer' pic, I hope that all can see how the 1 inch spacers give the bottom plate a much better angle to clamp the frame than they would have had without them.

    I think the other 3 pics should need no explanation. Just is a work in progress.<g>

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    Looks like a real sweet build I'm looking forward to see it completed. I'm glad you and your family are alive haha. Keep posting pics!
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    Thank you, Dan. I've run into a few hitches in the final stages. For one, I found that the back plate of the aircleaner had been broken in transit, but Dave Staton is sending me a new one from Oklahoma. But, those should be ironed out this week. Most of the delays are due to my health, but I'm "gittin' 'er done." It's still in the TV room, and my wife and I have nightly 'discussions' about it. <g> But, there is just no way I'm gonna work on it outside at 95 degrees or tote it in and out continually. So, I guess I'm gonna just keep plugging away, and hoping for the best.
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    I got my parts from Oklahoma and have the carb re-installed. I could load it with gas and oil; Then roll it out to fire it up. But, then it would be giving off gas and oil fumes, and I wouldn't be able to roll it back into the TV Room. So, I'm gonna wait til I get the starter and drive chain, as good as I can before taking it out for the Maiden Voyage.Sound like a plan?
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    It sounds like your project is rolling along quite nicely. Soon enough you will be putt-putt-putt-ing along nicely too.
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    I hope to do more than 'putt-putting', altho I realize that is just an expression...I hope to be 'zooming' at the least.<G> And I still have an 18 tooth main drive gear to swap for the standard 14 tooth...the diff. between four teeth seems to be a 5 mph jump from 25 +\- to 30 +\- mph. I'll stick to the lower number teeth til I git these old bones used to the motorating. Then, I might kick 'er up a little.