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  1. cspaur13

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    do you think the cops would pull you over if they saw a small tank with a line running up to 2 small horns on the handlebars.
    i think it would be pretty badda**. lol i want 1 kow after seeing how much fun they are to scare people in the parking lots with my brother.

  2. Mountainman

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    oh man I must be getting old !!!!

    yes that may sound like a ((((( blast ))))) there cspaur13
    just remember any horn sound that causes another to crash or whatever ???
    the one doing the blast -- can be in trouble

    my mother got a ticket once for excessive horn honking -- no for real.......

    dang to be 13 again -- ride that motor bike thing
  3. cspaur13

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    yea you can get fined big time with the cops.
    i just want one for the parking lot to scare people walking or scare the people that walk dogs down the street. lol.
    im not gonna use it when theres a car around.

    i didnt know you could get a ticket for using a car horn overexcessivly.. i guess its disturbing the peace.

    yea i just turned 14 last week.
  4. Mountainman

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    hey Cody

    #1 above -- at 14 Cody I guess ?? you may be able to get away with that ??
    but -- at my age 58 -- I probably just could not pull it off

    #2 above -- yes plus could cause an accident

    ride that motor bike thing
  5. ENO

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    Hey CSP...ENO (Down Under)..You young gun..have a good time but think ahead a bit before you jump, like Mountain Man and I do (when we think of it) (or sometimes forget to) cool and dont get too much attention..Ride "Stealth" especially with an 80cc power pack on a light bike..Hide one horn under the saddle so you wont get the blame, or noticed, but you can "Train Horn" another vehicle to save yourself if they dont see you..they will look..unless AC DC is at 20Db in their cockpit..Most of all drive safe and defensively so your ride lasts longer..Very nice ride..youve thought it about it and built it well and even stuck on a candy stick footstand on for show..Have a good time..ENO
  6. ZnsaneRyder

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    GO FOR IT!!! After you mount your train-horn, post pictures!

    The louder, the better, use as necessary, just don't be excessive with it, so you always have a good reason as to why you used your horn.

    I have a loud 12V car horn on my bike, and use as necessary, quite often. SAVES my azz when I encounter a car getting too close for safety, and prevents folks from cutting you off.

    I even have honked at a cop and waved with a smile before as a friendly gesture (and to let him know I see him, because he was riding almost beside me).

    And the best reason of all for a loud horn.............PARKING LOTS!!!!! When it's one of those really busy ones, where people (and their cars) aren't watching where they are going. That horn opens their eyes REAL QUICK, lolololol!

    Sometimes you HAVE to scare a few folks to SAFELY let them know you are coming, or they will just blindly walk or drive right out in front of you. I had to give a nasty continuous-horn-blast one time at a Publix Supermarket, because after stopping, and letting SEVERAL people have the right of way, immediately afterward, I got cut-off by two cars, and 3 separate people walked right out in front of me within a few feet, :ee2k: but as soon as I laid on the horn, they all stopped in their tracks to let me by. I understand peds 100% have the right of way, but it doesn't mean they can be a dumbazz and carelessly put themselves right in front of a moving vehicle.
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  7. bluegoatwoods

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    That Grant Adams quote is excellent!

    I've always had a similar notion. Just didn't know how to word it that well.
  8. customcruiser

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    reminds me of the time i had a 12vilt battery and a car horn and 2 air hoiwns hooked up and sounding in harmony in one press of a button man tht was fun
  9. Porkchop

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    Code Man, dont do it 'lil bro. You might cause someone to have a heart attack. Been there and done that. No fun what so ever ! Thank GOD I'm here to talk about it today !