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Jun 17, 2008
Hello friends. i would like to know yours opinion on the engines of tranformercycles? Somebody knows these engines starfire? They have a good construction in relation to other Chinese engines? Thanks
Not a morini by any means.But grubee makes starfire engines and skyhawks.They are better generally than most other engines by other companies.They are the original.But,If you expect reliability over 5000 miles.Save up the cash and order a morini 5.8 or 9 h.p. engine.I own a skyhawk.Heard If you replaced the bearings with high quality bearings you could make em last a lot longer.I just ordered 2 spare cylinder and piston kits being I have more prob with that aspect than the bearings.In short,break It In right and don't run full throttle 24-7.Especially down hill and you may get 1000 to 5000 miles If you use good oil and keep out air leaks and don't run too lean.Rack mounts known to get over 12,000 miles and more.If you are not Into rebuilding or mechanically Inclined.Upgrade to something better alont the lines of a rack mount,ezm frame mount,or a morini 2 stroke.Gonna cost 400 to 900 bucks though.
Well they are not morinis like anthony1973 said but they are not the worse kit out there
If i was you i would get the 48cc one because they have cast iron sleeves and can rev much harder than the 80cc(66 or something like that) because they are better balanced
The only thing I would do is change the top end needle bearing for a high quality one and it should last a few thousand miles
I would say it would last 10.000 miles or more if running with good quality oil and not over revved with the carb set right and lots of love and care:D
AND its not bad for 200 pounds 24 hours shipping in 2 days in your door maximum! better than one from china which takes 15 days to 1 month and then the warranty runs out!:sick: