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    I would like to know what kind of oil other riders are using in there
    Gear box. I got A stage 111 gear box and used 50 ml of ATF fluid
    I put clean oil in it went 15 miles and took the side cover off.
    The oil smelled like burnt 90wt gear oil. There got to
    Some thing better.

  2. skrufryder

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    well atf, gear oil, and power stearing fluid are all the same thing you could try axle or bearing grease
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    Redline MTL is the best transmission fluid i know of for manual car transmissions. Full synthetic. Grease is a pain in the butt (mess) when it comes time for service.

    If it smells burnt it must be heating up a lot. Anything synthetic will run cooler and has a lower chance of burning.
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