Transmission Poblem!!

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  1. Xandelee

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    Strange oil on magneto!

    My transmission box oil gone away by the magneto side, what do i do? can i put oil in by somehow? how do i fix it? my engine is starting to break with low or no oil in!!! help:-/
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  2. motorpsycho

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    is this a 2 stroke?
    what transmission box???
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    no oil needed, just a dab of ale grease on the gears. Don't need too much, it will mess up the clutch.
  4. Xandelee

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    it is a 2 stroke i bought it in the early 2009, it has almost 700miles on it i use it every day
    I dont know if the gears that are inside the engine are named transmission in english and searched for this poblem in the forum but no sucess im starting to think i will have to buy a new engine, but i will try to explain with pictures, please take a look:
    remember its pure liquid oil
    my magneto its full of oil but it still working
    to fix it i think i need that piece that protects the oil in, THIS if its possible to recolocate oil in
    my engine its making steel on steel noise and stucking it will end up breaking
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  5. Xandelee

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  6. Al.Fisherman

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    NO oil goes in there.. Are you sure that it's oil you see and not the magneto heating up and dripping? The only oil in these engines..other then what you mix with the fuel is approx 2-3cc's that accumulates in the crankcase.
  7. Xandelee

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    i dont get it this oil is very dense diferent of the one i mix and with no gas. what can be the explain for my cracking sound come from the engine?
  8. Xandelee

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    now i get it is really oil with gasoline ive heard that the rolling comes out of the right place and it starts to drip on the magneto it can make the magneto break so i need to find out how to fix it now help please
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    Under NORMAL operating conditions there is ONLY two ways that a magneto can get wet from fuel/oil. The first being the easiest to fix but the most remote would be through the cover gasket...highly doubt this can happen. So this really leaves the source, and that is the seal behind the magneto (crankshaft seal) is allowing the fuel/oil mixture to seep. Now you say thick...yes.... when a fuel/oil mixture is deposited on a item and the fuel itself evaporates, a thick sticky residue (actually the oil) is left behind. There are two ways of fixing this problem, the first is to replace the seal, which I'd do, the other is to enclose the magneto in something...I'd suggest using a portion of a large zip loc bag. Remove the magneto and magnet, poke a hole in the bag and slide it over the shaft. Replace both magnet then the magneto and secure bag with the coverplate. Remove extra with a razor blade. This just might work.

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