Travel Tools and Supply/Repairs- Show us your Road Kit

WHat tools do you carry on your everyday rides?

  • Tools! I don't need no stinkin TOOLS!

    Votes: 27 17.9%
  • A Pocket knife and Duct Tape, Baby...

    Votes: 20 13.2%
  • Universal Bike Tool

    Votes: 28 18.5%
  • Flat Repair Kit

    Votes: 30 19.9%
  • Pump or Tire inflator

    Votes: 28 18.5%
  • Full Bicycle repair kit.

    Votes: 86 57.0%

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NO Pics, not much fun

HI all, well heck, I do NOT have pics of my toolkit, but I can describe the concept easily. A moderate attempt will follow......

#1 always know that NO ONE will have the tools you need on the side of the road.

#2 NO ONE will probably even slow down, nonetheless stop, therefore if they DID have the tools, refer to #1

#3 Remember that nearly NO ONE ever fixes anything themselves, so refer to #1

#4 You may look like a lunatic on the side of the road with some wierd bike, which may or may not have your uncle's weedeater, or your moms lil mini rototiller motor on it, NO ONE will stop for you, refer to #1

#5 IF a Cop stops, you will not get help fixing your bike, and good-grief-lucky not to get a ticket for holding up traffic what with all the rubber-neckers, refer to #1

#6, if it is your ex-GF's new boyfriend, fixing your bike will be the very LEAST of your problems, you guessed it, look at #1

#7, if you are a lady-rider #6 may not apply, but you should get yourself safe before an AX-MURDERER comes along, YUP back to #1

#8 IF you broke down on the bad side of town, don't worry about your bike, they wont steal anything that isn't working (they can't fix it either) BUT now your wallet, and your "Birginity" are at risk, good grief, did you see #1???

#9 IF someone does stop, they will ask,

"are you outta gas",

"do you know who to call?",

"where did you get that thing, it doesn't look like a Honda to me",

"is it flooded, did you try the choke?"

"Is it getting fuel?"

Good Grief Amigo, if you'd looked at #1 you wouldn't be hearing those dumb ideas!

#10 In the rare event that someone would stop, he will probably ask, HMMMM looks like you got some kinda problem here, you got any tools???

OOOHHH DANM, are you thinking #1????

SOOOOOOOOO How in the Wide World Of Sports do I avoid this kinda problem?

Well, Bunky, it ain't as hard as one might think, and rather than trying to sell you a magic elixir that will make you a hit with the girls, and make the guys quit laffing at you in the locker-room, I'll just go right ahead and tell you the truth.

Your Axles, and pedals, take a
#1) 15mm combo wrench

your cruiser stem is a
#2 13mm combo wrench

your motormounts, intake, exhaust, early drive sprocket, head nuts on 48cc, caliper pads, and a few others
#3) 10mm combo

saddle is
#4) 14mm combo

Brake cables typically
#5) 9mm combo

mountain bikes use 3-6 metric allens available as a "Y" wrench(I Sell em)
#6) if needed allen y's

Spark Plug
#7) whatever you need here, some plugs are different sizes

#8) a 6-way is hard to beat

Backs up any other wrench
#9) 6-8" crescent wrench

Adjust clutch or brake wires
#10) Hemostats

Fix muffler, fender or any other thing that gets loose
#11) A lenght of baling wire

For the baling wire, and anything else
#12) Pliers

use as throttle or whatever needed
#13) "baby" vise-grips

Small amount of electrical, and or Duct tape

SOOOO.... you getting the picture, figure out EVERY nut, bolt and screw, and be sure that you can tighten/adjust whatever you might have happen.

HARDCORE: tube, patches, glue, mini pump or CO2 inflater, spoons, maybe a tire folded up. Chain? Certainly a masterlink for BOTH chains, measure with oil in it for 2-strokers, crankcase oil for 4-stroke, spare sparkplug

I ride Whizzers, on custom American Chassis, and I carry what I need, and when I don't........ I too, get to read #1



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Sep 30, 2006
Excellent Mike.....

But one thing we MUST figure out is a good reliable air pump, I now have two, both pieces of carp, finally put a can of slimeair ziptied to the seat post. But I want one to hopefully inflate my camping air mattress. The Bell model is worst, and whatever that other thing is ain't much better.

HARDCORE: tube, patches, glue, mini pump or CO2 inflater, spoons, maybe a tire folded up. Chain? Certainly a masterlink for BOTH chains, measure with oil in it for 2-strokers, crankcase oil for 4-stroke, spare sparkplug
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Sep 30, 2006
mountain bikes use 3-6 metric allens available as a "Y" wrench(I Sell em)
#6) if needed allen y's

Mike, please price, put your address in a PM, I'll send a check and self-returned envelope/postage, and the Hemostats is an Elegant solution, I've been using needlenose. Do you have a spare pair of hemos????


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Sep 30, 2006
Never mind the Hemos, my brother rolled up at dawn, purchasing manager at UAB hospital, "happened to have" two pair in his trunk...

But still want the Allen tool !!! :cool:

Large Filipino

I'm thinking since I like to ride on long rides I should take a small bottle of Maxima in case I run out of gas. A 2.5 ounce should work for my tank. Are those Happy Time tanks exactly a 1/2 gallon or is it more or less? I'm going 5 ounce per gallon now so 2.5...can I get by with 2 ounces?
An evaluation on those solid tubes. Installing my rear tire and spinning results in my tire moving up and down just a little. Riding my bike without engine you don't notice it at all but with engine at about 15 mph it's pretty noticable. I used that old tire that came with that Huffy bike so I'm thinking the tire may be a tad too big to begin with. It's a 26.2 and the tube says it's good up to 26.1.75.
So I'm gonna get to Wal Mart and get that 26.1.75 tire and start over. The front tire is a Wal Mart 26.175 and it's as true as can be.
Otherwise the added weight really dosen't matter cause the engine compensates.And once you get moving it makes NO difference.
And I'll never go flat again.
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My tool kit

Here's what I carry with me even on relatively short rides. It all fits in a small pocket of my backpack. I should have a philips in there. I'll take care of that tomorrow. I also usually have a knife or 2 and a pocket caliper in my pants pockets.


Mike, thanks. As I hunker down for the winter season here, it was very nice of you to remind me of some of the reasons why I like rural/frontier living. If I was broke down on the side of the road:

#1 One of the first 5 cars that came by would be a "local", and would stop and help (even if it was my ex GF's new guy)(he'd get bragging rights).

#2 There's a very good chance that the person who stopped would have the tool I needed.

#3 If they didn't have the tool, they're probably driving a pickup and we could throw the bike in the back.

#4 If they weren't driving a pickup, I could hide the bike in the forrest, get a ride to town, and come back for it later.

#5 They'd probably have a beverage we could consume while we resolved the situation.


i got this "gator grip" socket thing it adjusts itself to the bolts i also have a kit with all mm wrenches the have like a 9mm on one side and a 10mm on the other so ive got those from 8-19 mm and a screw driver that adjusts from flat head to phillips ive always been able to get going with that its bungee corded to my bike


i carry a small craftsman 4in cresent wrench and 10mm on my key chain it open,s to more then 15mm so it,s good for alot of thing,s,{loose spokes to taking the wheel,s off}also carry exstra oil mix just incase.
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Niffty little kit

Among some junk a guy dropped off today I found this:


From 1mm - 18mm. I wouldn't want to have to do any serious work with them, but in a pinch, they might be handy.


And I have small hands.

Large Filipino

Ah shoot. That's what's missing in my tool pouch. A little old vise grip plier that i used the other day. I better get it back in there.
Other stuff in the pic:

Three zip ties
Two cresent wrenches
A partridge
My Bell universal thing
Extra wire core spark plug wire
That white bottle holds exactly 2.5 oz of Maxima 2 stroke oil
Extra spark plug
New idler wheel (Thanks Dax!)
New Magneto (Dax is the man)
Original coil still coil on bike
Flat head screwdriver

My tires are solid rubber. With this kit I feel safe to go two tankfuls of gas. More with another magic white bottle.

The magneto and coil is in the event of the obvious someday my magneto will just quit (It's happened to me) and then I'm stranded,but also if I park my bike and some idiot decides to bogart my ride,I may come back with torn off wires and a missing coil,junk in my tank and spark plug and wire gone. Tires may still be good cause it's solid rubber. Yes. Another advantage to an otherwise compromise in ride.
My weak link is my toolpouch. Anyone with a sharp knife can take it away. But then if I'm very far from home I can take it with me when I leave my bike.

(edit) Reminder to myself to put a bar of bar soap in there too. Don't like dirty hands. The trail bathrooms with the running water has no soap. Then the bar soap in an emergency I'm sure could be used on the bike...for like grease or something...who knows?


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