Traveling cross country on motored bike

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    I can already see from the threads here that traveling across several state lines on a motorized bike would present a myriad of legal issues, or would it? I live in AZ, where motorized bicycles are legal. I am a resident of AZ, with an AZ drivers license and address. Would I be illegal as soon as I crossed the state line? I will have the opportunity about the end of summer to take a month off, and would love to attempt a motorized bike trip from AZ to AR, a distance of about 1400 miles one way. I figured doing about 200 miles per day. I have done many 300+ mile days on factory built pedal mopeds, like Tomos. But doing it on an actual bicycle would be much better. Any ideas?

    Sorry, never mind. I should have done some research first. Found out it would NOT be legal. That's unfortunate, a motorized bike ride cross country sounds like such a great idea.
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    Please explain what you found was illegal about the states you plan to cross.

    We have members/riders here in all of these states.
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    Yeah, it's unfortunate that some states totally make them illegal..
    Could you tell us?
    Or if anyone in one of those state's that outlaw them outright, could chime in...
  4. dont be a scardy cat. i live in new york state. and they are illegal here. im not worried... if you follow by all the rules, you will never live a worthwhile life.
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    no but i would like to keep the money in my pocket from those crooks and i dont need a vacation either if you know what i mean
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    Junkyard i think you would do fine i think you might be able to squeeze your way through some states if it is a illegal state but i dont think from az to ar are any illegal states i guess it depends how you go if you drop down into texas it might be fine on the way across there and i think arkansas is a legal state i havent been there yet on a bike yet
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    Illegal in some states and legal in others......

    I love making motorized bikes...but......the legal issues are a real pain.

    The owners of the world don't like us saving money and having fun. So they put restrictions on us.

    One state seems to not care about them and another state puts their nose into your business and makes motorized bikes illegal or puts restrictions on them.

    My answer to all the problems is to get a Motorcycle Manufacturers license from the USDOT. I got mine for $500 and it is necessary for issuing VIN numbers. Got to have a VIN to get a license. My bikes are licensed and I can go as fast as I want without having the police bother me. My trike with a Tanaka 32 cc engine goes 43 MPH and it is licensed as a moped. So the police leave me alone wherever I go. It is way fun and I don't have to worry about the law. It meets all DOT requirements.

    You have to play their game in order to be left alone. Many have a tendency to go cheap on our little projects and try to cut corners. Buy a Motorcycle Manufacturers license and do away with all the problems. A VIN will also make your bike more attractive to more people when you go to sell it. Insurance is an issue and you can't get insurance for a non VIN'ed motorized bike. It is worth getting insurance due to accidents, injury and theft. Don't be so cheap and not get insurance.

    Before I got my MML from the USDOT, I made a few motorized bikes and I had a hard time selling them because they were just under being legal in Ohio because they were too fast and too much Horsepower. Since getting my MML (Motorcycle Manufacturing License), my VIN'ed bikes are an easy sell. I've sold out all my bikes due to the high price of gasoline.

    You can get a MML from the internet. There are several places that can get you an MML. Some advertise for $500 and some as high as $1500. There is no difference other than price. You are allowed to make 900 cycles per year. It allows you to generate specific VIN numbers for each bike. You print them out on special VIN paper on a laser printer and also can be stamped into steel plate. Even if you make one bike, it is well worth getting the license and do away with all the problems.
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