Treasure found while riding today...

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  1. Wheres my dog

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    Took out the GIANT gebe for my weekly ride and went into the country with her and took some side roads I never did before.

    I ride past a house with a two seater go kart minus engine chained to a tree... on my way back home I stopped to look at it and a kidd came running out the house and asked if I wanted it, of course I said yes as it was in nice shape still.

    Low and behold he says he got a one seater go kart minus engine behind the house and asked if I wanted that one.... heck yes as it looked to be a solid axle with sprocket in the middle making it 2 wheel drive and a full roll cage!

    Needless to say I am heading over there tonight with my trailer to pick up the goods from him.

    His mom did come out and ok me taking them before I left.

    A little rust removal and a few cans of paint and I may make a few hundred dollars!!!!!

    Needless to say... I had a VERY good ride today!

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Dang! Talk about a schweeeeet deal!

    I have daydreamed about taking one of those single seaters with roll cage, putting motorcycle wheels and disc brakes on it, and a 5 HP Honda engine, put lights, etc on the beast, and trying to get it licensed here as a "custom built" hotrod. Fair in the front end with glass on foam, a pair of faired in "bug eye" headlights on each front fender, and a lexan windscreen - bustle type boat tail rear fairing, you could really have some fun turning heads.
  3. Wheres my dog

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    Well, that darn thing must of sat outside for a few years because everything was rusted solid that should of been able to turn!

    Tore it down to the frame with a whole mess of WD-40 and found the frame cracked... did some welding and it seems to be very strong.

    Finishing up on it and will post before and after pics of it for reference...

    One interesting note here..... searching all over the internet, I could not find one semi decent go kart forum anywhere!!! Found a few but they all seemed to have hundred of unanswered questions... interesting I think
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    been sorta looking for one of those in Hawaii for a bit, they are hard to find! Nice score!