Trek 3500 (china ebay kit) NEED HELP !!

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    First i want to say thanks for all of the interesting reads over the weeks, and im happy to finally start back working on my bike and all help is appreciated. thanks.

    Now, a little back story... It was a clear black night........................and ebay was calling my name. Long story short, I ended up buying 2 motorized bicycle kits from a guy in california after searching for hoverboards (lol) after a week they arrived to my door, looking through both new kits i saw that one kit was built much better and gave it to my dad and took the "mediocre" one and proceeded to install it on my bike... well i got it all installed and filled the bike with gas/oil mix at 16:1, when i flipped the fuel on it started leaking from the carb...turns out i had it upside down :sweatdrop:... flipped it the right way and tried again, the chains tensioner kept moving and the chain kept coming off the sprocket in the back, and eventually locked up in the engine sprocket which caused me to almost fly over my handlebars and my intake manifold BROKE OFF. Before I did all of this I checked for spark and i mustve been holding the plugs metal parts because i got shocked lol. also soldered wires together excluding kill switch and cut white wire...

    ehhh anyway, I ordered a 30mm billet manifold, 2 piston rings (broke one AGAIN, should i run just the top one until i can get a replacement in? could it hurt the engine?) a spring loaded tensioner, sbp hardware kit, Large uni mount, and 5mm jet kit & new needle and c clip because my needle bent (however that happens)

    Now Im all for solving problems, but when they cant be solved in a day i tend to want to ask questions.. these questions would be:
    1. How do I stop carb from touching the clutch guide thing?
    2. Is there enough space in a 19.5 inch trek frame? I have the universal front mount but 2" was largest and tube gets bigger than 2" towards the bottom
    3. if im getting spark could something still be wrong with the cdi or magneto (brand new kit), why wouldnt the engine run before i broke the intake manifold?
    4. Is there supposed to be that small gap between head and gasket?
    5. Should the bike move AT ALL when clutch isnt being held in?
    6. I have a 44 tooth rear sprocket, is there anyway easier to mount it other than with the manic mechanic adapter?
    7. i have 8mm cylinder studs 1.00 and 1.25 at top, from China, they are the only studs ill be keeping, are they strong enough?
    8. will the low profile air filter be smaller than the stock nt carb black air box? 20151014_115355.jpg 20151014_115948.jpg 20151014_115717.jpg 20151014_115656.jpg 20151014_115649.jpg 20151014_115611.jpg 20151014_115546.jpg 20151014_115533.jpg 20151014_115518.jpg 20151014_115436.jpg 20151014_115426.jpg IMG_20150923_010530.jpg

    btw, i have a 20 watt amp from adafruit and 3 speakers, 2 full range 2.5" and one 4 inch sub, anybody know a creative way to use these to make a decent sound system for bike, point me to one!

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    BTW testing the cdi and magneto today using guidelines found on the forum gave me the idea to replace my cdi.. I have a fluke 87-5 multimeter .. can anybody tell me how to accurately test