Trek 4500/ GP460 now Staton 18.75 Drive


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May 13, 2008
Nappanee, IN
woo hoo!!

got my staton drive today.

OH SNAP!! my clutch bottoms against the inside of the clutch bell before the cases mate up.

the attache dpic will show the problem, the staton bell has a raised lug in the center, the unit on the right is the stock GP460 bell, the GEBE clutch bell is totally flat and clear in the center.

i've found another clutch bell on the staton site with a welded shaft that i hope will deal with this issue but it doesn't have a pic of the interior so i can't be sure yet. someone know if this welded bell is what i need ?

the other problem is that the inside gear AND the clutch bell seem to be threaded onto the shaft from both sides and i don't seem to be able to break either one loose !! any suggestions on how to attack this ?

as a side note, the Staton 18.75 gear drive doesn't allow enough room for my dominator pipe. i've looked this over pretty good and indentified the way to alter the Dom. to narrow and raise it out of the way.

ANY pointers and comments apprec'd,thanks.


EDIT- ps, anyone have a 16T output sprocket they want to sell ? this one came with a 11T and according to my calc's it's going to be about a 30mph topend and CRAZY bottomend acceleration.


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Padded vise on the gear, strap wrench on the drub, right hand threads with Loctite. Not seen raised center drum, s/b flat.
ok, i'll have to take it over to my machinist buddies to work with it.

yes, i've concluded the center of that bell is the problem. what i haven't established is if the welded shaft staton bell is in fact flat in the center or at least no higher than the stock GP460 one in the pic.

what about a 16T output sprocket, got one you want to let go ? i need one to match the 1/8 x1/2 pitch ACS hub sprocket.

should i use 410H chain or is there something better for a single speed aplication ? i'd like a chain that is as light as possible without giving up any strength or durability.

you da man, i'll have to call Monday and get the sprocket, clutch bell and some chain coming then.

due to space on this bike i'm going to have to make my own "U" strap and extention traps, small potatoes, i already have them drawn out.

Hm. I ordered the same kit from staton the other day. I will have to wait another week or two for the hub to arrive, so I might be able to nip this problem in the bud... I told him I was using a GP460 and he seemed to think it would work fine, he only mentioned that I might want to get lighter clutch springs, but I already have them. Perhaps I will have to refer him to this thread...

Kerf, I don't understand your lingo, "Not seen raised center drum, s/b flat." Did you have to do anything special to make yours mate correctly?

Steve, are you going to order a different clutch bell (drum?) from staton then? Can you show me a link?

Grrr. This dominator pipe just peachy wonderful news for me... I just got mine in the mail the other day! That thing seems much more solid in my hand than I expected. What do you mean you have to "narrow" it? You aren't talking about inside diameter, are you? If I know a welder friend who knows how to bend pipe using heat this should not be a huge problem, right? Please say yes. Perhaps you can show where to bend?

kerf is refering to that raised center cone in the pic o fthe clutch bells. it's "s/b" supposed to be flat like the one on the right. there will no tbe a need for a spacer.

i went ahead and ordered the bell, gear and chain yesterday. David has in the past been very quick with this type of order. the bell you get with your complete kit will be correct.

the Dom. can't be bent to work. i have the needed mods calculated and layed out. you will need to use something else in a twmperary fashion until i can post pics. i'll forward you a PM i just sent to "waylow" about what i intend to do. it's going to need to be cut apart and rewelded. hope you didn't buy chrome.

Wow, This sounds like too much work for me, I dont think I will be turning to the Dark side anytime soon! I will buy belts when needed. Good luck you guys!!!

Come on over, the waters fine. Don't be afraid, you will be hooked but you'll like it.
Well, I will call Staton just to make sure that the correct bell is on my gearbox when it arrives.

EDIT: Did you just order yours online and not over the phone? I ordered mine over the phone.

/barrageofquestions start

Also, can't the gearbox be mounted so the output sprocket is in the three oclock position in relation to the engine mount? Or even a six oclock? You would have to shorten the chain there, but I don't see a huge problem... I am pretty sure I read somewhere that these can be rotated. Would this solve the problem?

What is wrong with bending it out of the way? I know a guy who bends pipe using heat, which makes sure that the thing doesn't kink or anything. Does it overly affect the inside diameter to bend it slightly or is the gearbox so completely in the way that it just isn't practical? Would it be possible to send me your drawings?

/barrageofquestions end

I live for these conversations! I won't know what to do with myself once this is all put together and working. Hopefully it'll be something like, "Hey guys, my bike has been humming along smoothly for months now and I am really happy with it, thanks for all the help."
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