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    i just bought a trek 800, its a 17" frame... i am gonna be doing a lot with this- putting all kinds of high performance parts on it with a centrifugal clutch engine kit. well anyways, i havent gotten the engine in the mail yet but im wondering will the engine fit with any extra room? will it fit at all? its a 66cc slant..

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    will it fit?

    I learned a lesson on my first build.

    I had ordered the motor and then "perfect bike" showed up on my local Craig's List for $120. I took off from work and went out and bought it. Two days later, my engine kit showed up----DOH! Motor won't fit under the crossbar.

    As it turns out, though, I used the high quality wheels and great seat off of the craig's lister, bought a chinese cruiser from my local K-mart for $100 I took my motor to the store when I got the new bike to make sure it fits. I put the cheap wheels and seat on the original bike which I sold the next day to a neighbor for $80. Still a really cool frame and the lighter duty wheels and seat serve just fine.

    Now I carry around a full scale drawing of the motor (make sure you consider clearance for both the carb/air filter AND the exhaust) when I am somewhere that I might pick up a likely bike so I can quickly check.

    Did I mention I'm hooked after my first one? This weekend I'll start work on motorizing a 1937 Cleveland Welding Corp All American I picked up at a local flea market two weeks ago.
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    well the first bike i motorized with my dad, there was about an inch of the spark plug that wanted to be where the crossbar was, so we just cut the aluminum mounts to be shorter so the engine fit further down in the frame. worked like a charm. i dont think ill be needing to do that though, theres a good amount of space