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    Hi ... am gathering parts for a build based on a Navi 2.0 and staton friction rig and have the following questions for owners;

    1) Is it easy to fit a Pyramid / Sunlite alloy double kickstand to this bike?

    2) What kind of throttle and brake lever setup are you using?

    Ive been riding motor bikes for forty years and am leaning toward a twist grip throttle and perhaps a dual pull brake lever.

    I know quite a few members are using these bikes and it would be great to hear your thoughts.

  2. loquin

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    It's a nice bike - love it.

    Haven't tried the double kickstand. I put a rear kickstand on mine.

    I put a thumb throttle on it, as you have the two gear shifters (one for each hand.) The staton deive was a piece of cake to install.
  3. augidog

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    i don't own one, but have owned or built & operated several similar bikes, and can share what i know about the controls & the stand.

    once you learn how appropriate the trigger is to the MB, i think you'll come to like it...the trick is to relax & NOT keep squeezing harder to make it go faster. and it's very non-invasive, we just notch the grip and done deal.

    the dual-pull lever isn't really needed with a centrifugal clutch, imo...and, as it's been said many times, the dual-pull puts all your eggs in one basket in the event of failure. i have had one, tho, it does do what it says.

    i've had the pyramid center-stand and i've had a heavy-duty adjustable version i liked even better, i now have a modified whizzer stand that's the bee's knees...i don't know if any will work on your trek or not.

    i DO know the greenfield stabilizer is a great stand for rack-mount systems, and i'm pretty sure it'll fit your bike very nicely.

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