trek navigator with 47cc cag high compression and tuned pipe

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    this is a trek navigator 100 with a cag 47cc big bore , tuned pipe with chamber and silencer , chrome air filter, the bike has front a rear fenders new tires , mega range 34 tooth rear sprocket first gear , the motor drives the bike gears , aluminum motor mount bracket makes this bike ride smooth , all automatic no clutching , . new seat , spring loaded seat post , adjustable goose neck handle bars new tires , twist grip throttle , heavy duty kill switch. click the link to see close up video of bike . $500.00 i have only one availble in kit form . or this fully assembled bike . AN AMERICAN KIT

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    that video is sure a selling point. where are the pedals?
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    pedals....we don't need no stinking pedals..... :smilielol5:
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    free wheeling front crank

    i had a problem with it at first . but really do you want to pedal ? Schwinn made a free wheeling front crank that works but i cant find enough of them . the easiest and simplest fix was to remove the pedals , the benefits are numerous.the first that comes to mind is a nice motored bike like this for $500.00.
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    this bike is sold

    Sorry this bike is sold , well the not the bike , just the kit that was on it , i had two of thiese and they are both gone . this bike now has a stock 49cc mitsubishi motor on it , brand new . this is my most dependable and favorite motor , please see new pics.the price is now only $400.00 [url][/url]