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    I have a Scat Kat Kitten scooter about the size of a Doodlebug I decided to stick a surplus 5-1/2 HP sloper OHV in I took from my 3-speed Monarch when I stuck a similiar 6-1/2 HP HFT engine in it. It had a cast iron pulley with a frozen setscrew on the shaft. I tried to drill it out with a carbide drill, but ended up grinding it to remove, only to find it a 3/4" shaft and the centrifugal clutch 5/8". Then I got a brillient idea I would put the clutch on the lawnmower jackshaft. Luckily, I realized I had to drive the hole, not the vee. Then I found the OHV head was in the same space I needed for the jackshaft. Back to my origional 2HP Lawson I started to use once upon a time. I had to make a sleeve for the 1/2" shaft and mill a 3/16" groove in it for keystock and mill part of it to fit into the 1/8" slot on the shaft. The rear hub is one I made from ally with a drum on one side for an external band brake. I think I will use a backward piece of vee belt and a foot peddle where the footrest stud is. A 10" OD wheel doesn't require much brake. The other side footpeg is snapped off flush. I am 6 ft tall so need more foot room anyhow so will bolt a Doodlebug-type floorboard underneath with the motor bolts. A 36 tooth peddle sprocket is bolted to the drum It will use a #41 chain. The mower jackshaft has a #41 11 tooth sprocket. In drilling stuff on the drillpress, decided to recommend my system to you. I have a foot microswitch and a reversing toggle which allows me to have a hand on the work as I start it, and I can run taps in and out with the reversing switch. It is a very safe system. In a machine shop, most accidents are due to drillpress usage. My next move is to locate a recoil starter on an old lawnmower I can put on the Lawson. I am sick of many years of using pull ropes on open drums. Besides that, I won;t have to worry about my pants leg. I hope after I finish this toy, I will get back to wiring my Lotus 7 scratch build. I have about run out of copouts to keep from adressing that problem.
    Additionally, I need an offset air cleaner to clear the jackshaft sprocket so will use a saddlesoap or shoe wax tin with aircleaner foam inside. The carb has 2 screw holes and the origional homegrown air cleaner spigot will sandwich it nicely.
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