Tribute to Rex and Solex



Hi! We called it Rhino HellDiver :eek:

Front fork mounted engine, chain, and a lot of fun with burnouts :D

Speed is above 50 km/h, top speed still unknown.

From Russia with love.


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Pretty cool build you have there.

I can't be sure, but you might be our first member from Russia. So congratulations.

We'll see you around.
It has to have reduction. If you look at the direction the recoil starter pulls the engine it would run in reverse with just a clutch. The wheel sprocket would be too small for direct gearing as well. Neat stuff hammer, I've never seen an engine mounted that way, genius!
It does look much smaller than I would like though. I like being able to fully extend my legs to pedal along.
Good looking bike. It has a seat like a early Schwinn Sting Ray from the 60's. I see a lot of those gear boxes on Ebay. Hammer does it pull from a stop on its own? Looks like you are having fun. Dave
Privet hammer, love the bike quite similiatr to mine. how do you mount that sprocket on the wheel hub? i would love one of those. there are loads of the gearbox front sprocket and drive sprokets on ebay but cant find a compatible QUALITY hub, sealed bearings etc. how do find that small chain works? also could you please post some photos of the hub.


im fireball btw :)
Pics of mounted sprocket will be later. Wide pocket quad chain works fine and quite!