Tricycle Back Wheels - Where R They?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by Dockspa1, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    Man I have looked for quite a few hours for the rear adult tricycle wheels and the only one that had the standard 5/8ths or 16MM was 49.00 plus another 20.00. I am not a rich man or I wouldn't be asking this.
    Does anyone know where to find cheaper ones or just the hubs or rims?
    These have the axle that goes through them. 24" tires.
    Apreciate any help and yes I did some searches on this forum first.
    Doc :confused:

  2. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    Take some old coaster brake hubs and weld a sleeve/s through them. Rough and ready, but it does work.
  3. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

  4. Sianelle

    Sianelle Guest

    From my sketchbook......

    This is part of a design for a rear axle and hub conversion arrangement to allow for easily making a tricycle axle from a couple of coaster hubs and what can be readily picked up at any dump/scrapyard/& etc.

    I hope you'll be able to understand the sketch Ok because afterall I do them for me and I don't usually expect other folk to have to work from them. I've got this axle on my build list so I haven't tried the design out myself yet, but there's no reason I can see why it won't work. Obviously the more attention paid to accuracy and the general 'fit' of all the parts will make for a better axle.

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  5. Dockspa1

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    Sianelle and Van, you are the best. Thank you so much and if you hear of anything else, don't be shy.
    Sianelle your breakdown should work because the shaft rotates on the inner bearing so as long as everything is lined up, it should be good to go.
    Thank both of you again.