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  1. I have a nice folding tricycle, and a 5HP lawnmower just sitting in my garage. I want to mount the motor on the back but im struggling with how to connect the vertical shaft of the motor to the rear axle of the tricycle. initially I would like to put as little money into this as possible and once i have ridden it around maybe add gears. thanks for all your help and suggestions.

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    First, these vertical engines need that blade to act as a flywheel, without it- you will rip the start cord or your hand as the engine back fires. Some of these engines do have a heavy flywheel (cast iron) when they are used for something else.
    Second, you will need some kind of gearbox to transmit the power to horizontal, then be able to gear it down- maybe belt drive to the wheel with a large pulley (another wheel hoop maybe ? attached to the rim.
    The above is why nobody here has done it (as far as I know).

    I have 2 bikes, each with an engine in the frame.
    See if you can swap that motor for a horizontal and begin there.
    A trike should be easy- lots of room.
  3. What if i tried to set up some type of worm drive off the vertical shaft of the motor??
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    Sure that would work. But first you need to see if the motor will start and run without a blade on it. The worm drive needs to be pretty robust.
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    Evil_Genious13, your name wouldn't happen to be Mike would it? And would you happen to be from Lebanon PA?
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    Hi Evil_Genious

    Examples that might help:

    homemade pitbike

    When he starts the motor, the wheel is turning. This should help with the loss of flywheel without the blade.
    Or swap out the aluminum flywheel for a cast iron one used on the horizontal motor.

    Bicycle with lawn mower engine

    Motorized Bike Walkthrough Vernon Hundley

    None are mine.

    Driving the sidewall would allow better use of dirt tires.

    The sidewalls of moped, motorcycle or auto spare tire would be thicker and should work better.

    Saw a video of a guy using a boat roller for a variable speed drive.
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