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Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by LabRat63, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I read here somewhere that the Schwinn Meridian trike is a good choice to use with the GEBE setup. It looks like it will be a lot more comfortable for commuting and MUCH better for shopping. I need to know how to go about mounting the motor since the GEBE brscket will not work. Can the GEBE bracket be modified or will I need something totally different? Also, what kind of expense am I looking at here?

    The GEBE 32cc Tanaka is absolutely fantastic! Using more gas than I expected though, but that might improve as it breaks in. I'll have a closer idea after I run out the 2 gallons I have, but it looks like I'm getting maybe 100-120 MPG. I hit 32.2 MPH on the level today and a steady cruise speed of 29-30 MPH. With my cold weather gear and backpack for work, I weigh in at 255-260 Lbs., so I am quite pleased with the performance so far.

    I have had one (possibly expensive) disaster already. Dismounting from the bike, my heel hit the air filter housing and busted it all to ****. Epoxy did not work for repairs and GEBE is special ordering a new one for me.

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    Come on, surely someone here has some idea how to do it.
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    Well, I was really hoping to mount the motor on the rear, but if the front it has to be, then the front it will be.
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    Front mount it is then. Or a home brew mounting bracket. I do not have the budget to buy one of those trike kits...or one of the trikes they fit. With the student loan payments and other expenses I have to cover, it would take years for me to pay off the reinstatement fees to get my license back. And even if that was done, I doubt I could handle the monthly expenses of driving a car right now anyway. Thats why I needed alternative transportation. The GEBE kit pushed my budget, but it looks to be one of the most reliable ones out there. I'm thinking I can maybe rig up a bracket that bolts on the axle with U-bolts. Does that sound practical?