Trike Report---Update


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Nov 4, 2006
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azvinnie said:
nice job dave-o, trikes do take time, let us know about handling. later

Well, I think I have most of the bugs worked out here. Chain alignment & tensioning issues have been a bugger! It must be getting better, cause I haven't broken a chain in a week. I've been riding & tinkering with this daily. Venturing a little farther each time, cause pushing it back home a couple times was

Handling is great on the straight road and gentle curves. 90 degree turns & u-turns have to be taken very slow. I really have to lean into the corners to keep all 3 tires on the road.

Does anyone think I will gain some cornering stability by moving the seat back some?

I'm all ears!
wider rear tires?

if nothing else they look cool :) look at the kenda 2*x3.0 whatever size you need. Quite nice tires :D

That is what I am going to do to my trike to help stability, I have other plans too but meh those are for later :devilish:
Dave that turned out sweet.If you want to move the seat back try an older L shaped seat post.Or you can make your own.It offsets the seat a couple of inch's(like 4" to 5").It also can be used to lower the seat,and make for alittle more room.
How cool would that thing look with a box between the rear wheels,and some fenders.Nice job Dave !!!! :D