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hay srdavo, l also have to take it ez when turnig and when doing u turns on my trike, with 3' 20's. the seat may help by putting it back further but you will still have to lean in at turns no matter what. l would go with the 3' kenda's and see and feel the difference. you won't be disappointed..................later


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Nov 4, 2006
I took the trike out for a couple hours yesterday. I prolly covered 4 miles, but I made 3 stops to show off. got excellent feedback.
Knock on wood..everything is holding together so far. (I brought along my chain breaker & some wrenches , just in case.)
All in all, it tracks really straight down the road. I ran it WOT for a few blocks on the way home. Smooth roads only. (1 surprise pot hole will bounce the begeezus outta ya!!)
I just gotta keep riding get more comfortable with the cornering.

Yes....Servicar....thats the ticket!! Good idea, chopper.

thanks for your input Vinnie.


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Nov 4, 2006
another test run....

I took the trike over to my son's house, about 2 miles across town. carried a bunch o tools, just in case. I took it easy on the way over there, but on the way home I rode it like I stole it!! no problems whatsoever! knock on wood

I think I'll ride it to work tomorrow to show it off.


Wood to knock on.....yeah, a 1/4" luan/mahogany plywood "bed" with a 3/4"X3/4" framework- plenty strong and light enough.

Standard Issue

Dude, that is a freakin awesome looking three wheeler!

How did you manage to cobble that together? Did I miss
an earlier post or something? That thing is really sweet.

I have a big pile of junked out bicycles, and I'd LOVE to
build a cool three wheeled frankenbike. Can you describe
how you did the rear setup, and post some closeups?

I'm seriously intruiged!


Great job! I have four trikes. The first I built from scratch including the frame. The other three were incomplete basket cases I drug home from the dump during the last 20 years. The most recent one I got yesterday, a worksman pleasurecycle with a broken frame. I have thought much about increasing the stability. I would extend the wheelbase by lengthening the rear axle subframe mounts to the bicycle frame and widen the track by legthening rear axle and support tubes. A trike with two front wheels and ackerman steering would probably be more stable. I been considering building a motorized trike some like a Morgen triwheeler or a triking, on a bicycle scale.


YES!!! thatsa what I'm after.
what you using for rearend and is it posi?
I have spent several hrs reserching trikes and have about 80 different pis of trikes now but as of yet , have not found any homemade differential details.
What I have learnt though is yes , seat back closer to rear axle and lower would help also.
lower center of gravity
. apparently this setup will get more stable in corners as you add a load
in cargo area for the same reason, more weight down low.
You see atc's spinning donughts like crazy because the motor and most of the weight is slung down low and the riders weight is down low on the foot pegs also until he doesn;t shift his weight properly.
when you dont lean in properly,your bike reacts to your weight where it it is,up high making the unit top heavy, by leaning in yiour weight is transfered down low through your feet.
moving the seat back will move the centre of gravity closer to two wheels(rear wheels) which is better than having it centered high above 3.
I'm not really explaining this right
trasfering more weight onto the back tires and less to the middle will reduce the effect of your body weigth wanting to continue in a farward motion while corning which is what makes the trike wanna roll

And thanks for posting appreciate it
Oh ' got some pice of a trike where the rear wheels both tilt into corners same as a 2 wheeler . real cool and very stable
Down side ,its front wheel drive.



Here's a few trikes I found interesting .
Notice the center of gravity on the first set compared to the second set





now these ones





and a couple unique






Sorry if i'm posting to many. Delete if neccessary. What i'll do is post all the trike pics ,gotta be close to a hundred now,lol on my space and post a link.instead of taking up so much resourses here

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