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  1. The Traveler

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    I have the opportunity to get a trike bicycle or tricycle as it may be called for free. It rides okay and needs some work. I'm wondering if there are motor kits out there for a trike and do they ride funny? Is this to difficult of a project for a NooB to take on? Thanks.:idea:

  2. jjstanza

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    Yes they make kits for Trikes. Yes they ride differently. Nothing is too hard if you have the patience and perseverance for it. Pick up the trike and start hunting the forum for ideas.
  3. The Traveler

    The Traveler New Member

    in the words of Tony The Tigger, "GRRRRRREAT!!!" It looks pretty cool. I am not much of a mechanic but, have the drive and want to learn. I have a few friends that are willing to help that are a bit more skilled than I. Thanks for the advice and I will start to scour this site and ebay for parts!!:devilish:
  4. bikeman6969

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    i had a trike last summer it was a blast to ride you lean into the corners and go real fast mine would go 35mph on a flat road but i broke the axel trying to put on a big engine on it but i got a new axel and i have to put it back togeather there is a picture of it in the picture gallery it is under 35mph trike
  5. The Traveler

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    Cool! Thanks, I will go look at your bike right now!
  6. augidog

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    Golden Eagle Bike Engines (in sponsor-list to the left) offers a smooth-as-silk belt drive with a front mount option for trikes.

    and, i've always figured the gebe drive would work great on the rear of a trike, too...just install the drive-ring on the inside of the left wheel and modify the engine mounting...imo this would result in a pretty nicely balanced trike :)
  7. The Traveler

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    Augidog, that is really good info. I am doing the research as I type. Thank you for it all.
  8. The Traveler

    The Traveler New Member

    We went over my trike this weekend. It really only needs to be cleaned up and given a good tune up. We looked for bent or broken parts and nothing really jumps out. I think this trike will make a good build platform. In the words of Borat, "I'm so excite!!!"