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    Okay so I admit to shamefully using the expression Lady Gaga as it usually gets more attention than it deserves. What I have to show today is the completion of my hybrid modification to my Palm Springs Cruiser. What I have done is in addition to my China Girl motor, added a 700watt front motor supported by a 36 volt battery pack.

    Why, you ask would anyone do this? Well I have given it a great deal of thought and in the end two power plants...well three if you include pedaling sounded very interesting to me. Did I think I would get a huge power increase? No. But what I did get is this.

    A gas engine and electric motor supporting one another. So the gas motor runs at its highest efficiency and the electric motor runs at its highest level of performance, 700 watts.

    You get a ride that is posi-traction. Interesting feeling having power delivered to both wheels from independent power plants.

    No pedaling to get the gas engine running. Just throttle up the electric motor and then engage.

    Ride bike paths and sidewalks downtown with the electric motor without a single snarling look from the public or cops.

    Run out of gas.... go electric. Lose charge on your battery go gas. Either way you should be able to get home no matter what unless you have a wheel or frame collapse.

    So if you view the images attached you will see I have added the front hub from They are pretty nice folks over there along with adding a caliper brake to the front wheel. A coaster brake alone seemed to be a bit questionable.


    Weight of the battery is the biggest challenge. If you can afford lithium it is a much better project but lead acid is cheap. The nice thing with the electric motor is that if you upgrade to better battery you can improve your power curve significantly. Going from 36v to 48v can improve power delivery by 20-25%.

    The weight of the battery means you should replace your kickstand to something more substantial.

    There is a learning curve to controlling two throttles. It is not something you just want to place a rookie on and say have fun.

    That's about it. My friends are suggesting now that we live out by the windmills here in Palm Springs that I strap a sail to my back. I'm thinking about it.

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    I think your triple powered kit makes sense. Use the electric propulsion to accelerate from a stop to save clutch wear and fuel. Shut off the electric power when the gas engine hits the powerband to preserve battery power. Also use the electric propulsion alone when riding sidewalks and bike paths.
    I am not able to commute to work on my motorbike now because there are no suitable roads along the way with low speed limits (35 mph max). If I could legally ride the sidewalks, I could commute to work. Electric power (and some ghost pedaling) would allow me to commute on the sidewalks.