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    it still vibrates too much,any ways to fix that? i got a flat yesterday,but i bought a Super Thick Inner Tube,has goo stuff to protect from flats and thickness should help,my tire size is 26 but my wheels are much thicker than normal tires,will my tube explode from extra room? also a spoke came off and some were bent (the tension roller went loose(from vibration)and went into the spokes) i had quite a skid my back wheel locked up. part of my tire has barely any tread,the rest looks new. where can i buy new wheels? I bent my rims too. ive gotten used to turns but breaking is ...dangerous ..i go to neutral and stop from a good good distance,however because of unpredictability ive had close calls..where can i get some top notch brakes front and back..currently i only have back breaks low stopping power scraping feet on ground works better.